C.C.C. Camp Revisited

Tom and Ted with Smokey the Bear Tag


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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!


We had tried to find this Geocache once before and failed.  Ted and Tom accompanied me on this DNF. We parked at the recommended coordinates and hiked in the trail to the first spot the GPSr indicated. After a minute of looking around the GPSr indicated a different spot 30 feet away. It went like this for half an hour without any success. But because of this we managed to find several concrete slabs, one hollow foundation, a couple large slabs and some steps.

We found no micro and no ammo can. We could see from the logs that someone else was there as well so it was just us.  We also spent some time fishing in this hollow tree.

We decided to go back when it's warmer.

Tree Hollow - Click to Enlarge

Papi and Teddy - Click to Enlarge

Today we went out to try again!


We loaded up a snack bag and hit the road.  The cache is only a couple miles away so it really wasn't a big deal!


Track Log - Click to Enlarge

Ted, Tom and I were planning to visit this one earlier but it was very cold outside so we decided to wait. Later, it got sunny and fooled us into thinking it was not cold outside. We parked again and this time went directly to the first stage with no trouble. The coordinates are much better, thanks! Quite a difference from where we were looking last time.

The first time we came here the cache location was not easy to find.  We found the micro this time right away.  The cache owner had updated the coordinates and this time they were right on.

Smokey the Bear Tag with coordinates - Click to Enlarge

This time, we found the final cache in good condition, actually more obvious for attempts to make it hard to find!


Papi and Tomi - Click to Enlarge

Papi and Teddy

CacheCacheCache contents

We left I'm A Ford Truck Man TB (sorry to the person who requested we mail it to Iraq, just couldn't swing it), kazoo;

Took the Aren't we all connected TB,

Aren't We All Connected? Travel Bug - Click to Enlarge
Back of Aren't we all connected Travel Bug (no id number)Back of Aren't we all connected Travel Bug (no id number)

water bottle,

Ted with water bottle - Click to Enlarge
Ted getting it together

and safety vest.

Tom with Safety Vest - Click to Enlarge
Tom with Safety Vest

Signed the log. 

Our Log Entry - Click to Enlarge

The ppro Jeep Club came along for the miles...

ppro Jeep Travel Bug Club - Click to Enlarge
ppro Jeep Travel Bug Club


We Froze all the way back to the Jeep!


Profile for ppro



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