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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!


I decided it was time to place my own cache.  On a trip to Cabela's I found some affordable ammo cases that would work well for caches so I bought a couple.  I painted this one black and loaded up with the starter set if stuff shown in the pictures below.

Log Book CoverInside Cover FrontInside Cover BackBack Cover
Log Book

Camera - Please Turn Off and LeaveCamera - Please Turn Off and Leave
Camera to Photograph visitors

Jellyfish Travel Bug
Jelly Travel Bug

Various Pins
Various Lapel Pins

4x4icon.com 2000-2003 The CD!
4x4 Icon The CD! 2000-2003

Golf Ball, Rain Hat, Film Can and Jeep Grand Cherokee
Golf Ball, Rain Hat, Film Canister, Jeep Grand Cherokee

Cache Container (Ammo Box)Cache Container (Ammo Box)
Ammo Case

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