Hillary 7 Person Sequoia 3 Room Dome Tent

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Finally I reached a point where I wanted to spend the night on the road.  It made sense to get a tent for the whole family, and enjoy the outdoors.  Not to mention saving money on Hotels!  I chose this tent because it was inexpensive, had great capacity and height, and was handy.  I will probably buy a much more durable tent if the family continues to do this on a regular basis.  For now, this should work just fine.  Watch this space for a review from practical experience!

The tent came with a useful Camping checklist.  I have added it and provided it here.

Hillary 7 Person Sequoia 3 Room Dome Tent

Hillary 7 Person Sequoia 3 Room Dome Tent D DoorHillary 7 Person Sequoia 3 Room Dome Tent Mess RoofHillary 7 Person Sequoia 3 Room Dome Tent Windows

Sears Item #00670102000
Mfr. Model #70102

Features Description
Product Overview:
Type Overall Dome
General Warranty 1 year limited
Floor Polyethylene
Fly Urethane coated polyester
Frame Fiberglass
Tent Urethane coated polyester
Carry Weight 20.0 lbs.
Door Style D style Dutch
Frame Type Fiberglass arches
Number of Doors 3
Number of Rooms 3
Number of Tent Stakes 10
Number of Windows 4
Seams, Fly Standard
Seams,Tent Standard
Sleep Capacity 7 people
Tent Stake Type Steel pin and plastic
Tent Style Dome
Overall Color Green, white and red
Carry Bag Green
Fly Green and red
Frame Black
Base Size 16 ft. x 8 ft.
Center Height 6 ft. 2 in.
Packed Size 8 x 26 in.
Square Footage 121 sq. ft.
Included with Item:
Convenience Pocket Yes
Carry Bag Yes
Stakes Yes
Fly Yes
Room Divider Yes, 2
Camping Check List
Stand up size family dome with 3 rooms and removable dividers. Separate doors for exit/entry from each room and easy gear access. 6 ft. 2 in center height.

 Practical Experience | Specifications

I used the tent right away following purchase.  I wanted to get a feel for how well it would work for me and the family.  The first thing I did was to set it up inside the house and seal the seams.  I used a commercial product that was essentially liquid latex.  This took a little time but was easy enough, if not at times a little bit messy.

Brandywine Campground Overflow Area - Click to Enlarge

Paul's Jeep and Tent - Click to Enlarge

Setting up the tent is a two-person job, mainly because the top bows are so long and must be balanced or held in position when put together.  My four year-old son is able to help me well enough to get the job done without putting stress on the bows.  Once the four main bows are in place, the rest of the set-up can be done by one person.  Two people makes it go faster but other than that, you could get a buddy to help you get started then finish on your own.

The tent is HUGE!  It will easily provide sleeping space for two adults, two kids and all of their stuff.  I got a queen-sized air mattress for comfort.  This fits in any of the three "rooms" and leaves space for the kids to sleep and for our gear.  After using it a few times, I settled on a set-up that utilizes the center "room" for the air mattress, one wing for the cooler and cooking gear, accessed from outside the tent, and the other wing for the storage lockers that contain clothing, camping gear and miscellaneous "stuff".


Campsite #23

Our dry runs included several nights sleeping in the back yard.  I wanted the kids to get comfortable with sleeping outside, and with all the noises that you don't usually hear sleeping in the house.  They have their own small tent and pretty much insist on sleeping it it, so I was on my own.  My wife has slept out a few times to get the idea of what it is like (she does not have any camping experience and is not warming up to it much yet).

The tent keeps all the bugs we have where we live outside.  This is important to me; I am pleased with the tent performance on this issue.  Water is another thing altogether.  Since this tent has a fiber-reinforced Polyethylene floor, it does a good job of keeping water from coming up from below.  The problem is in the rain fly.  It is way too small.  It covers the screen openings in the roof but does not cover the tent very much beyond that.  With wind blowing hard, water still gets up under the rain fly and comes in through the roof.  I have also noticed that it leaks at the zippers.  I am able to keep the center area pretty dry, and sleeping on the air mattress prevents any major water from being too annoying.  After my first camping trip with rain, I got a very large tarp to use as a rain fly.   This has helped quite a bit.  I also use a tarp underneath it as a "footprint" to keep the tent floor off the bare ground.  I think this adds another layer of protection and will help make the tent last longer.

Campsite #23 - Click to Enlarge






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