Darnell Hollow

Small obstacle


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Ted and I decided to get out of the house so we grabbed our cameras, removed the doors and windows from the Jeep and hit the road.  We drove over to Baker Cemetery Road and checked out the cemetery there.  Some folks buried there lived long lives and others very short ones.  It was an interesting place. 

We turned around at the end of the road and backtracked out to the main road then poked into a couple of the side lanes to see if they went anywhere.  They all dead-ended at people's homes so we went back to the main road once again. 

On the way in I had spotted Quarry Road so we drove into that to see if it went anywhere.  We found a new sub-division out there with some pretty nice houses.  It looks like the area is built on an old strip mine.  We found a couple side-paths littered with coal remains.  But no trails to speak of.


Back on Quarry Road we continued and soon found a sign taking us off the road to the left and pretty soon it was a rough dirt road with plenty of side trails to keep us busy. 

Small obstacleSmall obstacle

Most appear to be logging roads but the main road continues up into the woods along Darnell Hollow stream.  Eventually it leads to a rough rocky section.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Except that we had gone out alone, without tools or winch kit, and with only a bottle of Gator Aid each to keep us wet.





Crossing over Darnell Hollow streamRocksTed walking back to Jeep

RocksJeepBlack-eyed SusansBlack-eyed Susans

I marked the turns and location of the rocks on the GPS, took a few pictures and turned tail for the main road.  We will have to return with some friends and our gear.  This was not a section to be attempted unprepared!


Stand by!  We shall return!

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