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Basic Info

This page demonstrates an example of the GPS Data available on 4x4ICON.COM.  This first section gives a little more insight into the process and thinking involved in producing the GPS data available on this site.  You may skip this section and review the sample GPS data below by clicking here.

Each page contains a set of coordinates, links to a map showing the location of that coordinate, and in many cases, a Track Legend graphic that shows the relationship of waypoints on the trail.

Available for download are the following:

  • Excel Spreadsheet containing GPS Waypoints - coordinates to each location in the trip

  • GPX file - tracks and GPS waypoints for the trip in a format ready to load into most GPS units.  GPX format is often compatible or may be converted to a compatible format using the manufacturers map program.

See below for an example set of files you may download and examine at no charge.

 Way Points

How the Data is Generated


I do my research using GPS tracks from prior trips, topographic maps, and prior trip refreshers.     Starting from scratch, the planning can take several hours, perhaps spread over several separate sessions.   The Expedition to Maine took 9 months of planning!

I always do careful research to gather detailed information about the places I travel and document.  I study the topographic maps and other information that I can find, create and load waypoints into the GPS, create a GPS "Route" that will act as our map on the trip, and print copies of both the route and topo maps that I have created and studied.


By the time I hit the road for the trail, I have:

  • a good mental picture of the map,

  • the GPS loaded with everything needed to navigate,

  • a printout of the waypoints and

  • at least one paper copy of the map of the area

 - everything I need for a successful outing. 

I can't imagine jumping in the Jeep and going out to a previously unexplored region without this level of preparation.  I am sure that unplanned trips that fail have often failed due to lack of planning.  That could always happen to me too, but I think it is less likely.  I can honestly say that I have never gone on any trip without this planning, even if I am not leading the group.  I trust people, but I also want to be prepared...


Next I make the trip. 

  • All GPS data provided in these downloads has been verified at the actual location to confirm that all waypoints are correct. 

  • The tracks provided are actual tracks that were generated on these trips.

In some cases track data has been cleaned up to provide clarity or eliminate unnecessary information.   The results of this work is found in the GPS Data on these pages.


Even though navigation with a GPS is very accurate and rewarding, remember that GPS units are just like any other electronic device.  They can fail.  If you travel to an area you are not familiar with, be sure you have other means of navigation.  Printing of this page and loading of the waypoints into the GPS before a trip is recommended.  Take the following precautions:


  • extra batteries

  • Maps of the area

  • compass

  • know how to use map and compass

  • extra GPS loaded with trip data (optional "nice to have")

  • trip reports of area

By using the printed maps in concert with GPS Waypoints and Tracks, it is possible to locate and navigate trails without previously visiting them.  Make sure you have extra batteries for your GPS and if possible, take power for your GPS from your vehicle to conserve battery power when you are driving.

If you doubt me, read this account of one of my most remote trips when the batteries in my GPS failed in the deep woods...  After that experience I never traveled without spare batteries and indeed, at least one spare GPS.

Data Collection

Jeep Install with Modified Bracket and Revised XM Radio mounting

Over the history of this site, I have used several different devices to store and collect data.  In addition to the personal computer, I have used three different Garmin GPS receivers.  Each has incrementally more capability, but in terms of data collection, they all provide the same level of accuracy.  The three units in current use are described on my GPS pages.

Garmin GPS12

gps V

MapGPS 76CSx

Garmin GPS 12 Garmin GPS V Garmin GPSMap 76csx


I have been asked many times "Why do you have three GPS's in your Jeep?"The long winded answer may be found here.  In short, it gives me a couple back-up devices, and each unit performs different functions during the trip.

When we get back from the trip, I transfer the collected data from the GPS units (in some cases three different units'-worth of data!) using MapSource, a Garmin map program for the personal computer.  My early tracks were managed using Waypoint+.  I later converted those tracks to a Garmin format for my own use, and GPX format for sharing on this site.

After transferring the data, I review it and remove unnecessary information.  This may consist of long distances traveled over pavement, duplicate track segments recorded by multiple devices, or multiple track points recorded while not moving.  I often remove backtrack info from trips where the route in goes back over the same route on the way out.  With this de-cluttered data, I save the file in GPX format for sharing.


The data offered here has been carefully collected, reviewed and validated in person on each location. 

Each GPX file contains the information necessary to chart a path on the way to a particular area.  Using open-source or manufacturer-supplied software, these tracks may be transferred to many different GPS receivers.

Please note that most built-in vehicle manufacturer GPS units do no provide the capability to transfer this data.  Some may support the entry of waypoint coordinates.  Check your owners manual for detailed instructions.  In most cases, built-in GPS units of these types will not support the use of data offered on this web site.  Read my review of the unit provided in my Jeep Commander for my (admittedly low) opinion of these devices.

Some GPS units may require that the tracks be broken down into smaller segments.   Check your owners manual for detailed instructions.   Here are the basic constraints for the units I own:

GPS 12 - one, 1024-point track may be loaded, or several segments totaling no more than 1024 points. 

With tracking turned on, the loaded track will be over-written.  I recommend leaving Tracking Off if you intend to follow the preloaded track.  If you have a GPS unit like this, it may be useful to have a second device to track your own movement so you can backtrack the way you came if it differs from the preloaded track

GPS-V - ten, 250-point tracks may be loaded and saved. 

These tracks will not be over-written so the 3000-point tracking memory of the unit may be used to track your progress while simultaneously following loaded tracks  Any tracks that are saved during use will consume one of the ten slots for preloaded tracks.  If you have used all ten slots, one of the preloaded tracks will be overwritten.

GPS Map76csx - twenty, 500-point tracks may be loaded and saved. 

These tracks will not be over-written so the 10,000-point tracking memory of the unit may be used to track your progress while simultaneously following loaded tracks  Any tracks that are saved during use will consume one of the twenty slots for preloaded tracks.  If you have used all twenty slots, one of the preloaded tracks will be overwritten.



Careful use of this data and verification of all entered waypoints will assure a successful trip to the location.  We recommend printing out the data page and Track Legend to supplement your GPS coordinates.  We also recommend using a compass and DeLorme's Maps as a second source of information when traveling on the trail.

4x4 ICON cannot be responsible for improper use or errors in GPS programming.



Typical GPS Data Page and Sample GPS Data for Evaluation

Green Ridge - Tracks and Waypoints


GPS Waypoints

Green Ridge State Park Waypoint List

Waypoint Description Lat (N) Long (W)
117 Park Headquarters Exit 64 39 40 10.4 -78 26 31.3
118 Park Entrance Exit 62 39 40 35.8 -78 27 29.8
119 Pic Lic Rd Entrance 39 39 56.4 -78 27 47.8
121 End of Pic Lic Rd 39 40 29.1 -78 30 6.9
122 Group Area w/ Hill Climb 39 39 8.9 -78 28 43.1
124 End of Wallizer Rd 39 38 23.2 -78 28 34.8
125 Outlook view 39 36 59 -78 29 23.7
126 Start of Kirk Rd 39 34 30.2 -78 30 46.1
127 Entrance to ORV Trail (East Valley Rd) 39 34 6 -78 30 9.5
128 Exit from East Valley Rd 39 38 55.9 -78 26 40.4
7/15/01 Update      
131 Power Lines at Stafford Rd 39 36 14.8 -78 28 22.0
132 ATV Trail (Dead End) 39 35 3.2 -78 29 37.7

Sample Excel Format

Sample GPX Format

Do Not Attempt to Use this data for a trip - some waypoints and tracks have been omitted - download full trip data below!

Trip Reports (Note:  Actual GPS data pages will contain live links to actual trail reports with photos and a narrative that describes the trail)

This sample is incomplete - the actual GPS Data page for this trail has considerably more data available.  Purchase Below:





GPS Waypoint Data

Green Ridge State Park Waypoint List

Update 1/5/2008:  GPS Data now provided in GPX format for easy transfer to your GPS!

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GPS Waypoint data is now available for a moderate fee ($10.00 U.S.).

This contribution allows us to maintain this web site, collect and maintain GPS waypoint data, and periodically verify its accuracy.  All GPS Waypoints have been verified in the field.

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