Camp Jeep 7/15/04 - Day 3

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Day 3

July 15, 2004 - Camp Jeep Event Area and Trail Sign-up tent

We got up, had breakfast at the hotel and hit the road around 9:00.  We parked in the staff parking and walked the long walk to the event fields.  The size of the place was overwhelming.  It was already very hot outside.  There were so many things to see we were feeling sensory overload.

Guest ParkingJeep Golf CartNew Grand?LibertyUnlimited

Engineering tent

The kids wanted to go in about three different directions but of course we had to choose something so we went into the engineering tent and visited the various stations.  A Rubicon chassis was on display and they had a couple cut-away transfer cases all dolled up.  There was a ton of free stuff, so of course we collected bags full of it.  The kids fooled around with the Robot and got me to take a picture of them with it.

Rubicon ChassisRubicon Transfer CaseTransfer CaseConceptTransfer Case

Maria, Tomi, and Teddy

Kids tent

Next we went to the kids tent where they were doing crafts, karaoke, showing a movie premiere preview, and making ID cards.  We did most of those things though the kids didn't sing - the songs they wanted to do weren't available. 

One of the tables was set up to make ID cards for kids, with the Camp Jeep theme on them.  So I filled out the papers for Ted and Tom and got them photographed.  Later, we went back to pick up the ID's.

Mini Jeep 101 Course

Then we went through a door to the side of the tent and let them ride the Power Wheels Jeeps.  This was one of the most popular kids activities.  The line was pretty long, the ride was pretty short, and the batteries were almost dead, so the kids were a little disappointed.  But we came back to this activity every day for the duration of the event, and many times we got lucky to find shorter lines and hotter batteries. 

Mini Jeep 101 CoursePower Wheels Jeeps
Power Wheels Jeeps - Click to Enlarge

Power Wheels JeepsPower Wheels JeepsPower Wheels Jeeps
Power Wheels Jeeps - Click to Enlarge

Camp Jeep Tattoo


Teddy also was quite taken with Tugger, the Jeep who wanted to fly.  He climbed all over this thing, working his way to the drivers seat as the kids who were there first lost interest and moved on.  It amazes me that the controls on this Jeep didn't get completely destroyed during the course of the weekend.  Maria did observe that the side-mirrors did receive wire ties along the way to keep them from getting bent.

Tugger, The Jeep Who Wanted to Fly - Click to Enlarge

Jeep History

I took a walk and looked at all the vehicles in the various "museum" displays.  There were dozens of great Jeeps from all periods in the Jeep history.  From the earliest Willys to the latest prototypes, they pretty much had everything there.

PlacardEarly JeepEarly JeepEarly JeepEarly JeepEarly JeepEarly Jeep
Early JeepEarly JeepEarly JeepEarly JeepIsraeli TJ LWBIsraeli TJ LWBIsraeli TJ LWB with military tow rings

Early Jeep

Willys 2 Specs

Willys 2 - Click to Enlarge
Willys 2Willys 2


Liberty with Mods - Click to Enlarge



Tom and UnlimitedTom and Unlimited

CJ'sShow tent
Surrey - Click to Enlarge

Dominican Republic Tour Company

Having now seen the Rescue prototype in person, I am still interested in seeing the vehicle produced with the hope of purchasing one.

Concept LibertyConcept Rescue

Concept Rescue - Click to Enlarge
Concept RescueConcept RescueConcept RescueRescue

Concept RescueFire TJForest Service Grand

Drag JeepDrag Jeep

Walkway Signs

Sirius Mascot Mongo with Ted and Tom

TJ Willys ConceptTed and TJ Willys ConceptTed and TJ Willys Concept

Chili-Argentina to Alaska via the Darien Gap - Click to Enlarge
Chili-Argentina to Alaska via the Darien Gap

Gamer Mobile

RC Jeeps

We walked down the path to the Rubicon Challenge activity, it was very busy so we didn't stop.  Further down the Jeep 101 course was also booked solid so we took the kids to the RC Jeeps tent.  This became their other permanent stop of the week.  They attended this activity several times each day and went through the line two or three times each time.  And I can't say I blame them - the TRAXXUS RC Jeeps were awesome and the course was very interesting.  Each kid got a counselor who helped them through the operation of the radio and navigation of the course. 

RC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC Jeeps
RC Jeeps - Click to Enlarge

RC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC Jeeps
RC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC Jeeps
RC JeepsRC JeepsRC Jeeps

RC JeepsRC JeepsRC Jeeps


RC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC JeepsRC Jeeps

The only gripe I had was that the course was under a tent but the seating for those watching was outside in the heat and glare of the sun.  Maybe that was to encourage rapid turn over but it was not the most comfortable situation for those who watched.  But the kids had a blast every time they went so of course the seating arrangements were a secondary issue.

Air-filled LibertyAmerican Racing Concept TJTire Tread Pattern

Climbing Tower - Click to Enlarge

Jeepster ConceptJeepsterJeepster
Jeepster Concept - Click to Enlarge

Willys PanelWillys PanelWillys PanelWillys PanelWillys Panel

Drawing BoardCampPosters


We ate lunch at the event field exactly once.  The lines were long, the food was expensive, and for what we paid (food is not included in the price of admission), not particularly satisfying.  We decided to get the rest of our meals offsite for the balance of the weekend.  After lunch we continued to look around at the different things going on.

The kids and Maria made the rounds while I worked in the Trail Sign-up tent.  People had questions about the trails, what to expect, whether or not their vehicle could make it through, and so on.  Shortly before I started working in the tent, the announcer told everyone within speaker range that the trail rides were booked to capacity and no more trail rides were available.  What was left were a few "scenic" trails, which went fast.  By the time I left the sign-up tent at 5:00 PM, there were no more trail ride slots left.

We were tired and hungry so we drove down Rt. 29 to KFC and had dinner, followed by a stop at Dairy Queen for desert.  Then we went to Wal*Mart where I found a couple toy Rubicons, a cool Xtreme Rock Machines CJ,   and the kids each bought a Bburago 1/43-scale snap together model kits. 

Xtreme Rock Machines

We built them later that evening in the hotel room after we went swimming in the pool.  Then we got to bed at a reasonable hour.

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Day Date Event Location Event Time Duration
Thursday 7/15/04 Camp Jeep!
Start (Arrive Camp Jeep) 10:40:57 0:43:32
End (Leave Camp Jeep) 17:36:06 6:55:09
Arrive KFC 18:14:40
Depart KFC 18:57:18 0:42:38
Arrive Dairy Queen 19:00:02
Depart Dairy Queen 19:29:22 0:29:20
WalMart Arrive 19:33:33 0:04:11
WalMart Depart 20:23:07 0:49:34
End Arrive Hotel 20:35:50 0:12:43

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