Headlight Trim Black

Before: After (Artist Concept)
Rocky Hill climb - Click to Enlarge Concept of black headlight trim - Click to Enlarge

7/8/04 | Update 6/27/06

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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!

I had my headlights out to replace a burnt-out bulb.   I decided the rock guards needed some touch-up, along with the retainer clips.   Then I noticed that the only chrome on the whole Jeep was the on the headlight trim rings.  Buh-bye!

Before - Click to Enlarge

Headlight Doors Painted Black - Click to Enlarge


Headlight Doors Painted Black
Headlight Doors Painted Black
Headlight Doors Painted Black - Click to Enlarge



Headlight Doors Painted Black


Update 6/27/06

I found I needed to replace a burnt out bulb.  Two years had lapsed since the last time.  The headlight doors and headlight guards needed to be repainted too.

First I disassembled the headlamp doors and guards.  Then I removed the old headlamps.  I set the good headlamp aside and labeled it "OK" for emergency spare.  I put the burned out one into the package and discarded it.

Then I laid out the headlamp doors and guards and also the hardware that holds the retainer and doors in place. 

Repainting Headlight Doors, Guards and Screws - Click to Enlarge

I repainted everything with Satin finish Krylon Fusion.

Krylon Fusion - Click to Enlarge


Then I put the new headlamps in while the paint dried. 

GE H2064 Halogen Lamps - Click to Enlarge

Then I reassembled the parts.  Good as new!

Refreshed - Click to Enlarge
Painted and installedPainted Doors and GuardsNew Headlights, Painted Doors and GuardsPainted Guard and DoorRefreshed



18525 H6024
GE PAR56 - Automotive


ANSI Code H6024
Base 3 Contact Lugs
Product Code 18525
Description H6024
UPC 043168961264



Lamp type Sealed Beam - PAR
Bulb PAR56
Base 3 Contact Lugs
Filament C-6/C-6
Product Technology Halogen
Wattage 65/35
Voltage 12.8/12.8001
Rated Life 150/320 hrs
Bulb Material Borosilicate glass
Primary Application Headlamp-High/Low beam



Max. Beam Candlepower (MBCP) Abstract Values SAE specifications



Maximum Overall Length (MOL) 5.0000 in (127 mm)
Bulb Diameter (DIA) 7.000 in (177.8 mm)




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