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Why did you mess with your Jeep?

Read my comments in "How I Became a Jeeper" to get some history first.  We modify our vehicles for a number of reasons.  With Jeeps, the main premise is that we want to improve off-road performance.  Under this guise, a whole industry has emerged to answer the call for parts not sold by the original manufacturer.  The options run the full spectrum of things that are practical, technical, outrageous, extreme and ridiculous.

I did not buy my Jeep to build anything even approaching a monster truck.  I wanted to have a "go anywhere" type of vehicle that would work in a wide variety of situations encountered and still be well behaved when driving to and from work.  I wanted a package that enabled me to enjoy outdoor, off-road recreation while being prepared for the worst that could be encountered.  So with this goal, there were things that needed to be done to prepare the vehicle and myself to answer these needs.

This activity started immediately when I got the Jeep.  Some things were already part of what I normally carry in any vehicle and many more were things unique to the needs of off-road driving.  The changes were done over the course of several months, spanning almost three years.  I attempted to make these improvements as time and money allowed, proceeding in order of importance with some eye to interdependencies.

I was very careful to evaluate several options before buying products.  Where possible, I looked at products installed on Jeeps that were used the way I use mine.  I talked to the owners and got their opinion about the quality, performance and value of these products before deciding whether or not this product would suit my needs.  And above all, I defined a plan before I started.

My plan for vehicle improvements included enhancements, additions and changes to address the following areas:

  • Protection - Improvements to prevent vehicle damage
  • Information - Reference material to assist with First Aid, Survival, and Vehicle Repair
  • Navigation - Maps, Compass, GPS to aid in destination and position location
  • Communication - A method to communicate with members of the group
  • Extrication - Tools to enable vehicle recovery when needed
  • Safety

These areas are addressed in the following ways:

Skid Plates

My first priority was to beef up the protection of the chassis and low-hanging items underneath.  I did some research to find products that offered the best protection, the most straightforward installation, and the best functionality and reputation with people who use them.  This led me to the skid plate, steering and rocker protection products that I installed. Later I installed a rear bumper to add protection, tow points, and a hitch.

Skid Plates & Armor

Engine Control Arm Gas Tank Steering Box
Engine Skid Plate Control Arm Skid Plates Gas Tank Skid Plate Steering Box Skid Plate
Rocker Rear Bumper Front Bumper Lighting Guards
Sun Performance Heavy Duty Rocker Protection Rear Bumper Garvin Wilderness Front Bumper Headlight and Turn Signal/Indicator Guards
  Frame Tie-In    
  Heavy Duty Rear Bumper Frame Tie In Mounting Bracket    



With family of four packed into the Jeep, there isn't much room left for anything else.  In order to provide transport for the equipment and supplies, it would be necessary to add a storage system that would accommodate a variety of items.  First there was the issue of where to put everything.  This was solved by the addition of a rack.  Next was the problem of all the loose items that needed to be stored on the rack.  A variety of storage containers and mounting systems solved this problem.  Then the spare tire was moved to allow access to the rear air chuckJerry Can and bike racks round out the selection.


Rack Tool Boxes Containers Antenna Cooler Spare Gas Rack Bike Rack On-Door
Garvin Wilderness Rack Contico Truck Tool Box Roof Rack installation Cargo Cases Antenna Storage Tube Igloo Cooler with tie-down tmh-0102-st_48.gif (1991 bytes) Rear Detail of Hitch Adapter and pins Door Storage



Even though the factory tires are adequate for casual off-road use, it is a well known fact that they are barely so.  And there are other elements of the vehicle package that contribute in different ways and at different times to collectively produce good adhesion to whatever surface you happen to be traveling.    I wanted my Jeep to give me the best compromise between on- and off-road traction, safety and flexibility.  This led to modifications to the suspension, springs, upgraded tires, and other accessories that helped me manage traction. Later I wore out the rear differential (and axle housing...) and installed Superior axles, 4.56 gears, and Detroit Lockers...  So much for compromise!  Tire pressure affects traction so tire pressure management has also been addressed with an on-board air compressor, tank, various fittings, and automatic deflation.


Air Tires Repair Temp Sensor Sway bar Disconnects Springs Lockers, Axles & Gears Dana 44 Axle, Disc Brakes Shocks Bar Pin Eliminators
Interdynamics Truck Air Model HD-275 Compressor Viair 2.5 Gallon Air Tank TrXuS Mud TerrainTires Fix-A-Flat Storage Dash Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer JKS "Quicker" Disconnects Old Man EMU Suspension Components Super 35 and Detroit NoSlip Dana 44 Housing Shape
Teraflex Disc Brake Kit for Jeep
Edelbrock IAS J.K.S. Bar Pin Eliminators



I have always carried a map case in my vehicle.  Gradually my requirements for maps evolved to a need for more detail.  With my involvement in off-road excursions, this led to topographic maps and compass.  In addition, personal safety, survival and vehicle maintenance information takes on greater importance.  I wanted to carry reference materials that covered these areas adequately so that I would be prepared with a source of information that would help me deal well with unexpected situations.  The Lev-O-Gage gives me information about the vehicles attitude and helps get it level for reconnecting sway bars.


Maps and compasses are great tools for navigation.  And generally they are adequate for most trips.  Indeed, for many years I was able to do quite well just using maps.  But once I started pushing deep into the woods, I realized that I needed to be a lot better equipped.  And since I like to return to places that I found enjoyable, I wanted to have a precise way to record the route for future reference.  Enter the GPS and related software.


Maps Compass GPSr Data Storage Mounting
Navigational Aids Compass Garmin GPS12GPS VMapGPS 76CSx Gilsson Amplified GPS BNC Remote AntennaGPSMap 76 CSx Antenna and Mount PalmOne M100 RAM-HOL-PD3U


It's easy to forget about being safe when we're having fun.  We almost never think anything bad is going to happen.  And most of the time we're right.  But when something goes wrong, it pays to be prepared.  I have injured myself far from home, had my vehicle break down or burn, and have several times found myself in a position of having to choose between staying in my car all night or trying to walk out.  All of these experiences have convinced me to be as prepared as I can be for a wide variety of encounters where the personal safety of me or my family is put at risk.  A good first aid kit, fire extinguisher and other items can make a big difference when the unexpected happens.


There are four levels of communication that I tried to address with the preparation of my Jeep:

It is important when striking out into unknown territory to have the ability to communicate with your group and the outside world.  It is important to be able to get broadcast information from regular and weather radio so that travel plans can take current conditions into account.  And even basic written communication with pen and paper and a camera have great usefulness for note-taking and record-keeping.


Handheld CB Hardmounted CB CB Speaker Hands-free Cell Phone GMRS Radios Camera
Cobra 75 WX ST Auxillary CB Speaker Hands-Free Speaker PhoneBluetooth Handsfree Controls Cobra PR 3850 WX Sony CD400 Mavica


Original Equipment Upgrades

Optima Red Top Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter Mean Green
200 Amp Alternator
Trailer Wiring Harness Dome Light Shut-off
Optima Red Top Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter Mean Green 200 Amp Alternator Wiring Harness Basic Circuit
Gas Filler Door Head Unit Speakers Sub-Woofer Rubicon Flares
Billet Aluminum Gas Filler Door Pioneer DEH-P77DH Infinity Reference Series 505 CS Infinity Basslink Rubicon Flares
Tuner Input Adapter XM Satellite Radio Lug Nuts Steering Box Axle Tube Seals
Pioneer CD RB10 IP-Bus input adapter 6/8/07 Delphi Roady XT Car Kit McGard 64010 Bulge 1/2-20 x 3/4 Napa Power Steering Box 277601 (bottom) Super Axle Seals Quadratec Part 52420.900



Top Hoist Softtop Disconnects Sailcloth Top Bestop Bikini Top Tie Down Loops Warrior Products
Half Doors
Hinge Pin Change
Hard Top Hoist Softtop Disconnects Rear Bikini Top and Header Channel Shackle in hardtop holes on sides of tub Warrior Products Door Hinge Pin Shaving for easy Door removal with Roof Rack



Headlight Trim Black Driving Light Covers KC
Stone Shields
KC Daylighters Driving Lights Warning System
Headlight Doors Painted Black KC Light Cover Stone Guards KC Daylighters Driving Lights Warning System


Miscellaneous Readiness Items

First Aid
Fire Extinguisher
Hood Bumpers Accelerator Cable Lev-O-Gage tent
Emergency SuppliesFire Extinguisher Hood Bumpers from the front Accelerator Cable Lev-O-Gage
OBD II Code Reader Shop Manual Mirror Adapters Remote Throttle Number Plate Holder
cp9135b.jpg (3509 bytes) Haynes Jeep Wrangler Shop Manual Dexter Billet Mirror Adapter Throttle Knob on dash Winch-mounted Numberplate Holder
Spare Tire Lug Nuts Nylint Rock Crawler Insect Repellers Wisdom West Virginia Tags & Inspection Sticker
Spare Tire lug nuts Stacking Bug Repellant Chrome Won't Get You Home! West Virginia Number Plate4X4 ICON Returns!
Fire Extinguisher Holder Winch Cover Nostalgia Powered by WILLYS  
EK Motorsports Fire Extinguisher Holder PN 74901 Neoprene Winch Cover for WARN 9.5ti 4 Wheel Drive sticker Driver Side Hood Detail  


It is a well known fact that if you take your Jeep off the road, you are going to get stuck (sooner or later).  How well prepared you are will determine your success in these situations.  

A pleasant outing can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are not equipped to get your 4000-pound vehicle back on the trail and moving under its own power.  The most important piece of recovery gear is a trail buddy with a vehicle.

After that, there are a number of items that will make the difference between a prolonged ordeal, and a simple tug.  While it is not recommended to travel into rough country alone, using this possibility as the measure of readiness goes a long way to assure that if a problem is encountered, you will be equipped to deal with it.  Not everyone you travel with will be adequately prepared, and you may encounter others in trouble that need some help.  Tow hooks, straps and a good jack are inexpensive and greatly enhance your trail readiness.  And finally, if you find yourself responsible for groups, or start to tackle tougher terrain, there is no substitute for a winch.


Front Tow Hooks Rear Tow Hooks Tow Strap Jack & Stuff Saw Winches D-shackles
MoPar Front Tow Hooks Rear Tow Hook  Tow Strap and D-Rings Hi-Lift 60 Inch Jack Bow Saw WARN x8000i
WARN 9.5ti Winch



So with this rationale, my Jeep was progressively embellished with those items needed to address areas of importance to me.  I am not looking for an "extreme" experience with my Jeep, so the way it is outfitted differs greatly from those who do want to do things that push the envelope.

I am happy with the way my Jeep has turned out so far.  By executing the plan I had for "building" it, I have achieved what I set out to accomplish - to build a Jeep that would provide me with capabilities and reserve for the kinds of situations I am likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis.  Your results may vary, but the details of the individual components may be of interest.

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Vehicle Off-Road Preparation - Future

Wheels - Alcoa Mickey Thompson Classic 15 x 8 Mickey Thompson (Alcoa) Classic
Wheels - Alcoa Mickey Thompson Challengers 15 x 8 Mickey Thompson (Alcoa) Challenger
Wheels - AEV 16 x 8
Wheels - American Racing  Salt Flat Painted 270-5765 15x7 5x4.5  American Racing Salt Flat Painted 270-5765 15x7 5x4.5
Differential Skid Bars (http://www.fourxdoctor.com/) FXD Differential Guards
Rancho RS9700 Shocks and Remote Control

Read how I installed this on my friends Jeep

Rancho RS9700 Shock System
Mean Green Alternator (to replace stock unit when/if it fails) Mean Green 200 Amp Alternator
Mean Green Starter (to replace stock unit when/if it fails) Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter
Addco All Terrain Bar  
Interior Shots Interior


1999 WRANGLER SPORT Factory Build  Sheet

Added Options

D Package:

Engine € 4.0L Power Tech I-6
Transmission € Five-Speed Manual Heavy-Duty
Air Conditioning € Manual Temperature Controls
Differential € Rear Trac-Lok
Brakes € Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Four-Wheel Antilock
Doors € Full Hard Doors with Roll-Up Windows

Dual-Top Group € Matching Hardtop and Soft Top

Top € Hard
Top € Soft

Steps € Bodyside
Add-A-Trunk € Lockable Storage

Grizzly Wheel and Tire Group

Tires € Full-Size Spare
Tires € P225/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler GS-A OWL All-Terrain
Wheels € 15x7-Inch Grizzly Cast Aluminum

Tan - Hardtop
Monotone Paint

Seats € Cloth High-Back Bucket

Seats € Easy Access/Passenger Tip-and-Slide
Seats € High-Back Bucket

Package Options
Convenience Group

Console € Full-Center Floor
Lighting € Interior, Underhood
Lighting € Interior, Courtesy

Convenience Group I

Steering Column € Height-Adjustable
Steering Wheel € Leather-Wrapped

Tires € Full-Size Spare

Wheel € Matching Spare

Seats € Cloth High-Back Bucket

Seats € Easy Access/Passenger Tip-and-Slide
Seats € High-Back Bucket

Standard Features

Air Bag On/Off Switch - Passenger
AIR BAGS* € Next Generation driver and front-passenger

includes weatherized front-passenger air bag on/off switch *Certified to the Federal Regulations that allow less forceful front air bags. Always use seatbelts. Children 12 and under should always be in a backseat correctly using an infant or child restraint system, or a seatbelt that is right for their age and size.

Alternator - 117 Amp
Antenna - Fixed
Axle Ratio - 3.73
Battery - 600 Amp Maintenance Free
Brakes - Power Front Disc/Rear Drum
Cargo Tie Down Loops
Carpet - Front Seat Area
Carpet- Rear Seat/Wheelhouse/Cargo
Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System
Console - Floor w/Cupholder
Fuel Tank - 19 Gallon w/Tethered Cap
GVW Rating - 4450#
Glove Box - Locking
Headlamps - Halogen
Instrument Cluster w/Tach
Lamp - Center Hi-Mount Stop
Lighter - Cigar
Mirrors - Swing-Away
Radio - AM/FM Cassette
Seat - Rear Folding
Shock Absorbers - Gas Charged
Skid Plate Shield - Fuel Tank
Skid Plate Shield - Transfer Case
Soft Top - Easy Folding
Spare Tire-Full Size
Speakers - Four w/Sound Bar
Sport Bar - Rear w/Full Padding
Stabilizer Bar - Front
Stabilizer Bar - Rear
Steering - Power
Steering Wheel - 2-Spoke Soft Feel
Tire Carrier - Outside
Warning Lamp - Shift Indicator
Windshield Glass - Tinted
Windshield Wipers - Var Intermittent

Mopar Accessories Added

82204669 Carpeting
82202186 Tow Hooks - Front

Updated Build Sheet received from Factory

ADCP Convenience Group

ADHP Heavy Duty Electrical Group

AEM Dual Top Group w/Matching Colors
APAS Monotone Paint
ARWP Sport Decor Group

A19P 4.0L Engine(ERH)/5Sp Man Trans(DDQ)

BAUP Alternator - 117 Amp
BCEP Battery - 600 Amp Maintenance Free
BGK Brakes - 4-Wheel Anti-Lock

K5K5 Seats - Cloth High-Back Bucket
CADP Seats - High Back Bucket
CAGP Seat - Easy Access,Pass Tip & Slide
CDBS Seats - Reclining Front
CFMP Seat - Rear Folding

CGWS Air Bags - Front, Next Generation*
CGZS Air Bag On/Off Switch - Passenger
CKES Carpet - Front Seat Area
CKFP Carpet- Rear Seat/Wheelhouse/Cargo

CKTS Cargo Tie Down Loops

CLSP Sport Bar - Rear w/Padding

CUFP Console - Full Length Floor

DBBC Transmissions - All Manual
DDQ Transmission - 5-Speed Manual

DHNS Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System
DJJS Axle - Front, Dana 30/186MM
DMEP Axle Ratio - 3.73

DRJS Axle - Rear, Dana M35/194MM
DSA Axle - Anti-Spin Differential

EAAC All Engines
ERH Engine - 4.0L Power Tech I-6

GBBS Windshield Glass - Tinted
GCBP Glass - Front Door Tinted
GCFP Door - Full Metal w/Roll-up Windows
GEDP Glass - Tinted Rr Drs/Qtr/LiftgateGFA Defroster - Rear Window

GRVP Mirror - Left Manual
GSVP Mirror - Right Manual
GTVS Mirrors - Swing-Away
GVAC All Vehicles W/O Power Mirrors

GXX Sentry Key Theft Deterrent System

HAA Air Conditioning

JAYS Instrument Cluster w/Tach
JCDS Speedometer - 100 MPH Primary

JHAP Windshield Wipers - Var Intermittent
JHBP Wiper/Washer - Rear Window

JJAS Lighter - Cigar

JJBS Horns - Electric, Dual Note

JJJS Power Outlet - Auxiliary 12V

JKAS Glove Box - Locking


LAPP Warning Lamp - Shift Indicator
LBBP Lamps - Courtesy
LCDP Lamps - Map/Dome Reading
LDAP Lamp - Underhood
LMAS Headlamps - Halogen
LPSS Lamp - Center Hi-Mount Stop

MBAS Bumper - Front Painted
MB5S Bumper - Rear Black
MCHS Bumper Extensions
MFPS Headlamp Bezels - Chrome

MFRS Front Frame Overlay - Black
MFTS Grille - Body Color

MWBS Sport Bar - Side w/Padding

NAEP Emissions - California
NBKS EVAP Control System
NBNA Northeastern States Tracking
NBTP Transitory Low Emission Veh (TLEV)

NF1P Fuel Tank - 19 Gallon w/Tethered Cap

PX8A Black Clear Coat
QX8S Black Clear Coat

RAAC All Radio Equipped Vehicles
RAS Radio - AM/FM Cassette
RCDP Speakers - Four
RDDP Antenna - Fixed

SBAS Steering - Power Rack and Pinion
SCES Steering Wheel - 2-Spoke Soft Feel

SDAS Suspension - Normal Duty
SHAS Stabilizer Bar - Front
SHCS Stabilizer Bar - Front and Rear

SUAP Steering Column - Tilt

TBBP Spare Tire - Full Size
TBRS Tire Carrier - Outside

TMW Tires - P215/75R15 OWL All Terrain
TZAS Goodyear Brand Tires

VJTP Dark Tan Soft Top
VKTA Dark Tan Hard Top

WJ5P Wheels - 15 x 7.0 Full-Face Steel
WKBP Wheel - Matching Spare
WLYC Wheels - Steel

XCYS Upgraded OBD-II Connectors

XEES Skid Plate Shield - Fuel Tank
XEFS Skid Plate Shield - Transfer Case

XJFS Fuel Filler Cap - Tethered


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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD! - Click here for details!

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!



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