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Paul climbing berm

4/21 - 4/22/01

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We drove to Keyser, WV from the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  It took us about three (3) hours not counting a stop for dinner.  Going out Route 70 (West) and thence to Route 68 (West) to Cumberland, turning south on Route 220 to Keyser.  Quite a few police cruisers out, and most traffic strictly observing the posted speed limits.  So when in Rome...

I had made reservations through for the Keyser Econo-Lodge.  I have booked Econo-Lodges online before and it worked fine (before).  I got a confirmation number and thought I was "good to go".  Wrong.  When we arrived at the Econo-Lodge, we found out that we did not have a reservation, they did not have any info on us, and there were no rooms available.  Harumph!  Well things get better.  The desk clerk suggests we book in with her to the Piney Motel, just up the street a few feet and "cheaper".  Ok. let's do that  - it's late and I want to get the kids to bed.  Done, off we go to the Piney Motel.  It's behind some other buildings off the road.  We drive up and it's kind of creepy.  We go into the room and find a '60's style motel room, very small everything, and no air conditioning (or heat for that matter).  Alright, it's April, you'd think that you probably don't need either.  But it's about 80 degrees outside and about 100 degrees inside.  So this is not going to work on a number of levels.  So back to the Econo-Lodge.  Next try, the Candlewick Inn.  I drove up to town and found it near the intersection with 220 and 46.  It was open, there was a room available, it was large, clean, and cool.  Sold.  I will be calling ahead in future...  After preparing for the day to come by treating our clothes with insect repellant, and getting our youngest to go to sleep, I called it a night.

Tomi, Ted at hotel in Keyser Here's the kids the next morning ready to hit the trail with the Inn showing in the background.  Tomi was pretty miserable with a head-cold and congestion all day - you can tell by the look on his face.


We met up with Hugh, Mindy and Shea the next morning near the place where we hit the trail.  After gassing up we went on the trail.  First we followed the road up to a knoll at the lower gas well.  This was very basic stuff - no 4WD needed.

Lunch Spot

Jeeps at Gas Well Jeeps at Gas Well Here's a couple shots of the Long's Jeep as we arrived at the lower gas well.
Paul climbing berm Here's a shot as the Provencher's climb a berm

A little further on up the trail, 4WD becomes more appropriate.  We explored the various trails, found a locked gate, and what is probably the trail leading out to pavement.  But the climb was quite steep and we decided to leave it for another day.

Lunch Spot


Hill climb viewed from Gas Wells There is also a long hill-climb that can be seen in this photo.  We may or may not attempt it on a future visit...

We went back to the gas wells and had lunch.  The kids played with Walkie-Talkies and in the mud puddles.  We had to keep a constant eye on them so they wouldn't wander off into the woods.


After lunch we drove back out to 220, headed north to 46 West.  Followed that around to the other side of the ridge and down to the entrance to the lookout tower at Pinnacle.  

photo op


Shea, Hugh, Mindy at Pinnacle Shea, Hugh, Mindy at Pinnacle Shea at Pinnacle These are a few views of the lookout tower ruins and the surrounding area on Pinnacle


Once again the trail in to the tower didn't require 4WD for most of the road was regular dirt.  A couple washouts made having clearance and 4WD handy but someone driving a regular vehicle could have made it through with some skill.  We climbed up to Pinnacle and explored the ruins of the lookout tower.  There was a technician working on one of the radio towers.

After our nosing around we drove back down the road a little ways and explored some side trails that eventually lead us to a closed gate.  

locked gate

We contemplated our options but decided to backtrack out the way we came.  One of the side trails had a log bridge that was down, making the crossing of a stream difficult if not impossible.  

log bridge out?

We decided not to attempt it.  Most of the travel on these side trails required 4WD and good choice of line to avoid getting in trouble.

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