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I wasn't really trying that hard to figure out how to relocate my mirrors for when I drove without doors.  I had looked at a few solutions and didn't like them very much.  They were too expensive for the cheap mirrors that you got, or they were made out of metal that would rust easily.

close-up passenger's side

Added to that, the ones that require you to relocate your factory mirrors could be a pain because it could mean having to move the mirrors every time you took your doors off.  Then there was the small matter that my Garvin Roof rack brackets interfered with my door hinges and so prevented "easy" door removal.

Every once and a while I surf eBay to see what I can see.  Whether it is a quest for a cheap winch (no such thing, at least if you want something with a guarantee) or maybe some half doors.  Or a black sail cloth top.  You get the idea...  Anyway, up pops these billet mirror adapters.   Normally I would have said "Hmmm, that's nice" and kept on moving.   But recently my friend Dave gave me his old factory mirrors when he replaced them with wide-angle mirrors.  They're in perfect shape.  I was going to use one of the mounting plates to replace one of mine which has blistered and peeled.

Then it hit me - I could buy the adapters, mount the spare mirrors on them and still replace my peeled plate!  Hey!   So I got lucky and was able to buy them for substantially less than the retail price on the manufacturer web site.  They arrived in short order complete with the original box and instructions, looking hardly used.

Installation is dead easy - just take apart your old mirror from the bracket, put it back together on the adapter, then when you want to use them, thread them onto your top door hinge (door removed of course).  

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Great!  Now I admit, if you don't have a spare set of mirrors, this isn't so great because it takes some time to do the swap. 

kids-eye viewworm's eye view

But if you do have spare mirrors, or don't mind the swap time, these are great!  They are beefy, put the mirror in almost the same spot as when they are on a full door, and the mirror doesn't vibrate.  It even stays where you set it, at least as well as the stock ones anyway.

Front View3/4 overhead view
Side view

If you have $90 that you don't know what to do with, and you want to drive with your doors off, this is the solution.

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