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After getting all the morning stuff done early, I started jonesing for some wheeling. Where could I go solo (not counting wife and kids who came along)? Ah Peter's Mill. Not much chance we'd see the other group but still with the weather so nice and all, we hit the road and made Tasker's Gap by about 3:20.

Maria and the KidsMaria and the Kids

Quick Air down while Maria and the kids played, and then we hit the trail.


Blue and the JeepTed, Papi, Maria, TomTed, Tom, Papi
Maria and the KidsView from Peter's MillTed and Mami
Ted, Maria, Tom

Nice slow going with nothing hard about it. We stopped at "The Obstacle" to reminisce about the fun times there (the Ford F150 off on the side; Mr. Ken's show on New Years...)

Ted kicks the ballTed kicks the ballTed kicks the ballMaria kicks the ball

After a few pictures we continued on to the big clearing way past the pond where we kicked around the ball for a little while.

Jeep near the end of P.M.

Then we got going again and lookee loo!   Mr. Ken was coming up the trail covered with mud! Hey Mr. Ken! So we passed the time of day and trail conditions (just that I was there was probably all Ken needed to know that he'd make it through OK.)

Jeep Airing UpJeep Airing Up

We ended up at the ATV parking lot just as a bunch of ATV-towing pick-ups hit the road for home. I reconnected and aired up (love that new air tank!) by the light of the moon and the last few rays of daylight.


A couple notes of thanks to people who made suggestions about how the ride might be made more interesting for non-drivers:

  • added roll bar handles which Maria found made her ride a little easier in the rough spots.
  • added the disconnects which make the traction better and also the ride softer (for Maria).
  • air down even though it probably isn't needed on this trail (again the ride is softer).
  • stopped and played, stopped and ate, stopped and shopped.

It was far from extreme 4-wheeling, but it was still a great day!

I did have to slap it in 4WD to get over the mound of mud I left in the bay of the Self Serve Car Wash on Route 234 in Manassas... :-)  (NOT!)

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