Softtop Disconnect Kit


Softtop Disconnect Kit P033309

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I wish I could say this was elective surgery but it wasn't.  In the fall when I finally removed the soft top, I ran into problems with one of the little plastic ends that hold the frames onto the clips attached to the sport bars.   The metal screws had rusted and would not come apart.  This was compounded by the fact that the nut portion of the unit is set into the plastic so there is no easy way to secure it for leverage when dissembling the parts - it just spun free of the plastic. 

Old Disconnects in place - Good ones - Click to EnlargeOld Disconnects in place - Bad one - Click to Enlarge
Old Disconnect showing damage

I used some brute leverage of my own to remove the soft top from the brackets, as I made mental  note that it was time to get those billet disconnects I had been reading about for two years.  This was one of those items that was not going to be modified until absolutely necessary.  It was now necessary...

When it was getting time to install the soft top again, I picked up the various catalogs and found in addition to the clear-coated Sun Performance version, that another product was available in black.  It looked identical except for the color and I found that they were a bit cheaper.  I ordered them and soon they were lurking at my house waiting for me to retrieve them.

Softtop Disconnect Parts

Installation is mindlessly easy.  The old part is easily removed by unscrewing the fastener that holds it in place on the top frame.   The screw holes on the top frame were a little indented so putting the new ends in the tube required a couple love taps to get it to seat, and then a little twist to line up the hole in the tube with the hole in the end.  The new part takes the place of the old one, and the top installs onto the Jeep in the usual fashion. Note that there are two disconnects that are slightly larger in diameter than the other two.  One large and one small are installed on each side.  (Diagram below shows factory parts with screws, not disconnects)

Install Diagram

New Disconnects in place - Click to Enlarge

The only difference is that the screws that hold the frame to the brackets on the sport bar are replaced with pins that are held in place by clips.  I used blue thread locker to install these to the top frame, and may replace these clips with something a little smaller, more along the lines of the clevis pins I use on my sway bar disconnects.  We'll see...

soft top quick disconnects - Click to Enlarge

Parts Diagram


11 BRACKET, Soft Top Bow 1 & 3
5517 5802 Right
5517 5803 Left
23 SCREW AND WASHER, [.164-18x.625], (NOT SERVICED)
24 CLIP, Tailgate Opening
5517 6470 1 Up to 1-6-97, Right
5517 6471 1 Up to 1-6-97, Left
55176 738AA 1 After 1-6-97, Right
55176 739AA 1 After 1-6-97, Left
25 RETAINER, Soft Top Rail
55176 736AA 1 After 1/6/97
5517 6232 1 Up to 1/6/97



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