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Shackle in hardtop holes on sides of tub - Click to Enlarge


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When summer comes and the hard top comes off, I have hardware to put away so it doesn't get lost.  The six bolts and six nuts are special so paying Jeep dealer prices to replace them when they go missing is not on my list of things to do.

In the past, I have simply removed the six bolts, saved the rectangular nuts that are used near the doors, and leave the other four to roam free under the lip of the tub.  But I discovered that they can come loose and fall down into the Jeep.  Rather than lose them, I needed to do something.

In the past, I have simply threaded the bolts back in.   But the problem is that I like to use those holes to tie down my luggage net with shock cords.  With a bolt in the hole, there's nothing left to tie to.

I decided to solve these problems - secure the roaming nuts on the edge of the tub, and provide a place to tie things.  The solution was very simple and a few minutes trying different things at Home Depot led to this:  A simple shackle with screw pin.  Look familiar?

Lehigh Shackle with with screw pin 7250

I simply installed one through each of the nuts in the tub edge, simultaneously securing the nut for later and providing a plate to tie my cargo net.  I think these are rounded enough that they won't cause injury.  Heaven forbid I actually need that working load limit of 700 pounds!

Shackle in hardtop holes on sides of tub - Click to Enlarge

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