Old Long Run/Second Mountain Clean-Up Run

Old Long Run tree clearing detail


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As usual, we met at the Wendy's parking lot in Manassas, VA, at about 8:00 a.m.  The rain promised to make the day interesting, especially since plans involved spending much time outdoors doing trail and woods-cleaning.  All necessary paperwork was completed and the large group hit the road to Harrisonburg, VA.

The group reassembled at McDorman's on Route 33 outside Harrisonburg, and met up with others who were waiting there.  We were separated into three groups; one to clean up Old Route 33; one to clean up the lower part of Old Long Run; and one group that I joined to do some trail work on the upper part of Old Long Run.

Task Force

My group, led by Keith Holman hit the road and drove up Forest Road 72, then down Gauley Ridge to the beginning of Old Long Run.  We made our way down the trail, clearing fallen trees that threatened to cause problems for high vehicles, or later when they deteriorated enough to fall across the trail.

While conducting this work we were passed by a small group that appeared to be doing a pre-run of the trail for a group coming through in June.  The trail was in pretty good condition and our work went smoothly.  Some chain-saw fun then we continued down the trail to meet the other two groups. 


There we stopped to share updates and eat some lunch.

Old Long Run

Then we turned around and went back up Old Long Run.  Along the way someone came on the CB and said something about picking up a "roll bar".  I thought it was some kind of a joke but we did stop and sure enough, there it was:  A rusted, stinky old roll bar!  There must be an interesting story to this but who knows what?  Anyway, it found it's way to the top of my Jeep where it fit "nicely" on the rack.  Then up to Gauley Ridge.

Old Long Run

Gauley Ridge

We stopped at the end of Old Long Run at the power lines.  There was a little break in the weather and we could see a little bit.  The power lines were quite literally crackling from the humidity.  We stopped for people to take pictures


Clines Hacking

Then on  to Clines Hacking where we stopped to hang around and wait for the folks that had made the dump run.   My oldest, Teddy, had fallen asleep on the way up Old Long Run and slept through our stop at Clines Hacking.  Todd's Jeep has seen some improvements and my youngest, Tomi, kept saying "Drivee Jeep" so I put him up at the wheel.  I think I know what Tomi wants for his 17th Birthday...

Second Mountain

When they caught up, we drove down Second Mountain with a pause to wallow in the mud at the usual spot.  On the way down there are several cuts to control erosion.  Some of them are pretty smooth and some are abrupt.  Tomi was really enjoying these whoop-dee-do's so on one I gave him a little feeling of weightlessness.  Of course all I really did was unload the suspension some but we didn't "get air".  I know that it never quite works the way it does on "Dukes of Hazard"...  Teddy woke up at this point, looking a little bewildered.  Sorry 'bout that, Ted.

Trails End

After that we stopped at Route 33.  I gave the roll bar away to someone who will plant it in the land fill.   Then we split up again with some folks going on to Dry River and the rest to go home.  We headed for home but stopped along the way so Tomi could "Drivee Big Tractor"


I took the Jeep to the car wash just across Route 81 on Route 33, then to McDonalds for some fat and carbohydrate and caffeine.  The we climbed on Route 81 and made our way home.


This was the first trip that I had a CB.  I have to say  that I am not someone who would normally have a CB-Radio.  While the idea was always interesting to me, I never really took much interest.  But after a few rides with the groups, and finding that I was always really out of touch with what was going on, I decided that I should give it a try.  I am here to tell you that I have no regrets.  I wanted to get a Cobra 75 WX ST but I want to save some money and didn't get it done in time for this trip.  So on the night before we left I went and bought a hand-held unit at Wal*Mart for less than $50.  

Maxxon HCB-10C

I didn't expect too much from it because I know that without a good antenna there isn't much range.  I went out to the parking lot and read through the directions, plugged the power converter into the cigarette lighter and turned it on.  Lots of white noise.  Well DUH.  Let's see what the SQUELCH does for that.  I turned the knob until the white noise went away.  OK, great now nothing but silence... 

So I went up on the highway thinking that there would be big convoys of truckers partying on Channel 9.  Lots of trucks.  Nothing on the radio.   Well I don't know anybody within my 300 yards that has a CB so I decide to wait until the trip to see if it works with people around who ARE using theirs on a known channel.  Had I known that I was really supposed to be listening on Channel 19 I might have actually heard something...

And long story short, when I got to the Wendy's parking lot and we fired up to hit the road, Channel 4 came alive with everyone in the group who had a CB.  It was a little like having the whole gang riding shotgun for the rest of the trip.  I still plan to get that Cobra so I can mount it permanently with a proper antenna, but I think I will keep the hand-held for when I'm not in the Jeep, and for the kids to use.  I would advise anyone who wants to be more informed on these rides to get the CB.  It is only recommended equipment, but I can see that without it, you're really at a disadvantage.

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