Maxon HCB-10C Hand-held CB

(the Maxon is discontinued - the Cobra is an excellent upgrade)

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Maxxon HCB-10C

I am not someone who would normally have a CB-Radio.  While the idea was always interesting to me, I never got involved.  But after a few rides with the groups, finding that I was always out of touch with what was going on, I decided that I should give it a try.  I have no regrets.  Before I got my Cobra 75 WX ST, I wanted to get a handheld CB while I shopped for the best price on the Cobra.    So on the night before we left for a trip, I went and bought a low-priced hand-held unit at Wal*Mart for less than $50.

I didn't expect too much from it because I know that without a good antenna there isn't much range.  I went out to the parking lot and read through the directions, plugged the power converter into the cigarette lighter and turned it on.  Lots of white noise.  Well DUH.  Let's see what the SQUELCH does for that.  I turned the knob until the white noise went away.  OK, great now nothing but silence...

So I went up on the highway thinking that there would be big convoys of truckers partying on Channel 9.  There were lots of trucks.  But there was nothing on the radio - later I would learn that my faulty memory should have put me on Channel 19.   Well I don't know anybody within my 300 yards that has a CB, so I decide to wait until the trip to see if it works with people around who ARE using theirs on a known channel. 

And long story short, when I got to the Wendy's parking lot to go out on a ride, and we fired up to hit the road, Channel 4 came alive with everyone in the group who had a CB.  It was a little like having the whole gang riding shotgun for the rest of the trip.  I got that Cobra 75 WX ST with a proper antenna, but I think I will keep the hand-held for when I'm not in the Jeep, and for the kids to use.  I would advise anyone who wants to be more informed on these rides to get the CB.  It is only recommended equipment, but I can see that without it, you're really at a disadvantage.

Overhead storage of Hand-held CB and Truck Air compressor

Here is my very temporary solution to placing the hand-held unit in a place where it can be heard, where it might get the best reception, and where it can't fall on the floor during the whoop-de-doo's.  I used three long Velcro straps - two that run from the footman's loop on the windshield to the sport bar in the center; then another to run from the driver's side sport bar to the Velcro strap spanning the center.  This latter strap is to stabilize the center strap and make a more stationary mount.  The power cord loops through the footman's loop on the top of the windshield and plugs into the lighter on one end and the CB on the other.

Now that I have installed the Cobra, I carry the handheld or let the kids take it with them when we leave the Jeep.

Maxon America Inc. Maxon HCB-10C Full Specs (PDF File)

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD! - Click here for details!

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!

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