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Update: 6/9/07




The trunk panel was removed in order to remove the carpeting and to do the best job cleaning after a mud bath.  In doing so I discovered a couple of the well nuts had deteriorated enough that they would not go back together, though I was happy to find they had not corroded - the problem that caused them to be replaced previously - one of a few undocumented maintenance activities that I perform from time to time.  You learn with old cars that some things require inspection from time to time so that they don't get away from you and become big problems.  I took this opportunity to treat and repaint some minor surface rust where things I carry had rubbed over the past couple years.

Anyway, with the trunk out, I got some replacement well nuts (1/4-20 with brass inserts).

Well Nuts

I drilled out the holes and painted them to prevent the bare metal from rusting.  I reassembled the trunk with the new well nuts, stainless steel washers and rubber fender washers.  I added anti-seize compound on the fasteners, strip caulk to the well nut inserts to seal the hole, and strip caulk to the part of the fasteners that protrude into the wheel well area as a further hedge against corrosion.

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