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Ted and I tried to find the Down the Cheat Cache Geocache a couple weeks ago.  We didn't succeed but the trail down to the river was very interesting.  So when we were considering something to do for the afternoon, it occurred to me we could ride down the trail, do some fishing, have a picnic and enjoy the river.


I loaded the GPS with the data from our last trip, local maps, and waypoints.  Since I wasn't planning to make a run for the cache, I wasn't very concerned about those details, though they were loaded just in case.  Maria packed a terrific picnic lunch and I put it in the large cooler.  I strapped it and some folding chairs to the roof rack, along with the Nylint Rock Crawler.  I figured that when the fishing and eating wore off it might be fun to see what the little Jeep could do on the river rocks.

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Ted and Tomi's third cousin Jon Paul was visiting us from New York City, so this would be a new experience for him:  taking a ride in an open vehicle, down a canyon wall to a wild river for some fishing and Rock Crawling.

John Paul standing by
Jon Paul and the Jeep - Click to Enlarge

We loaded everyone in the Jeep and drove out to the trail.

Ted and Tom on board


The trail was a little more wet that the last trip.  It had been raining a fair amount over the last couple weeks so that was not much of a surprise.  Maria was a little surprised and disconcerted by the steepness of the trail and the sheer drop off on her side of the Jeep in many places.  To be honest, it had not occurred to me that while the trail is not very technical, it is carved into the side of the canyon wall and in places is narrow, with a good view to the ground far, far below.

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We were all happy to reach the river in one piece.  Along the way we ran into skyraider, a Geocacher who was returning to Down the Cheat Cache to find it following his DNF when it was missing.  He was standing by the side of the trail as we descended to the river.  I stopped and we chatted for a minute.  He had found the trail and I got some tips about how to locate it if I decided to try again.

When we got down to the river basin, I took the Jeep off the trail and down to the river bed.  The stream was much higher than our last visit but there was still enough room to park on the side without going into the water or drive on any sensitive terrain.

Down by the Cheat - Click to Enlarge

We unpacked our chairs, lunch and the Rock Crawler.  The kids explored the area and soon found a snake.

The Snake in "Snake Hill"

After they had their fill of watching the snake, they played with the Rock Crawler for a while.  Unlike our last trip, the riverside was too contained to do any full-sized rock crawling so the RC was just the ticket!

Jon Paul Rock CrawlingJon Paul Rock CrawlingJon Paul Rock CrawlingJon Paul Rock Crawling
Jon Paul Rock Crawling - Click to Enlarge
Jon Paul Rock Crawling

Rock CrawlingRock CrawlingRock Crawling

Rock Crawling - Click to Enlarge

Movie: MOV01997.MPG Rock CrawlingMovie: MOV01998_NEW.mpg SidewaysMovie: MOV02002.MPG Rock Crawling
Rock Crawling Movies

Then we had something to eat.  The lunch was great, just the thing for a Saturday afternoon by the river.

Raccoon?Deer Tracks

The kids did some fishing, complete with large fish sightings, tangled lines, hooked stones, and squabbling about the best places to stand to fish.

Jon Paul and Tomi checking fishing spotsJon Paul and Tomi checking fishing spotsTeddy Rock CrawlingTomi and Jon Paul fishing
Tomi and Jon Paul fishing, Maria and Ted looking on - Click to Enlarge

Ted had been recovering from a sore throat the night before and complained of a ear ache.  I had some Motrin so we gave him one and after about 45 minutes he was back in action.

Medium-sized Rock CrawlerSitting by the River
Water is higher than last time - Click to Enlarge

Movie: MOV02003.MPG Papi!

Pretty soon we'd eaten our fill, fished to the conclusion we would not catch anything from our spots, and each had a turn Rock Crawling.  So I loaded up the Jeep and we drove back out.

Along the way we ran into many people coming down on ATV's.  One commented to me "You must be mad at your Jeep to take it down here!"  I didn't know what to say.  I always like a challenging road, found this one interesting but in no way extreme (based on my experience), and so figured the fellow probably didn't have the context for what we do and figured this was rough stuff.  To be fair, there are probably a number of people who would find this trail a bit too much.  Either because of some perceived risk of falling off the edge, which is remotely possible.  Or perhaps because in some places the brush does scrape against the side of the vehicle (nothing new for us).

In any case, we soon reached the top of the trail and headed for home.


I drove Maria home, unloaded the cooler and the Rock Crawler.  Then the boys and I went to the car wash.  What else?

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