Trout Run Woods

Pretty flowers with insect


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In the afternoon we finally got all our household things done. Having received an update that this cache was visited yesterday, I reviewed the listing and decided it sounded like a good place to go with Maria and the kids.


I loaded the GPS, we put some drinks in the cooler, took the doors and windows off, loaded up and headed out.

Trout Run Woods Track - Click to Enlarge


Trout Run Woods is another Geocache that was placed by Questmaster.  I like his caches because they take us off the beaten path.

The road would be very do-able with a mini-van but we didn't have one so we had to take the Jeep. We parked at the designated spot, stripped or locked up the valuables, and walked up the trail to the cache.

Parked the Jeep - Click to Enlarge

Ted found a little salamander or newt at the trail head.

Ted found a Newt

When we reached the area I let the kids do the work. I found the cache but let them hunt until Tom found it a few minutes after starting.

Interesting Rock formationMaria, Ted and Tom near the cache

Ted left the Koala and took the wire puzzle.  Tom left the tattoo and took the light stick

Ted left a KoalaTed took the wire puzzleTom left a tattooTom took the light stickSitting on the interesting rock

The bugs were kind of hungry so we scrambled through the activities.  I signed the log and we hit the trail up the hill to the radio towers. 

The Log EntryRadio Towers

After a pleasant walk, I found a small toad. The kids fumble-fingered the toad but he survived a couple dizzying drops to the ground.

Small toad - Click to Enlarge

We should have walked the rest of the way to the fire tower but everyone (but me) wanted to leave so down the hill we went.

Maria walking down the trailWalking back down the trail
Walking back down the trail

We took our time walking back down. I took pictures of the late-summer plants and insects.

Cluster of insects on a milkweed plantThe hazy view

Pretty meadow

Thistle down
Thistle down


Thistle with insect
Thistle with insect

Pretty flowers with insect

When we got back to the Jeep I aired down to smooth out the ride back to pavement. We took the road the rest of the way around past Latrobe Reservoir and back down to Rt. 30, then back home the way we came. We stopped for dinner at KFC and at Wal*Mart to return some stuff we didn't need.


Thanks for a great afternoon out on a lovely day! We drove back dow

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