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King Bridge


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Ted and I had some time so decided to retrace the trip Mike and I made in July, giving Ted a chance to log the caches we found and for me to cover the part of the route we missed.  I loaded the GPS with the same route and we headed out.

Track 10/21/07


The weather was perfect for being outside.  We had a nice ride up to the first cache.

GCW33J King Bridge

Ted found the cache and signed the log.  I logged the Crossfire travel bug.

Ted signs the Log at King BridgeLogging the Crossfire Travel BugLogging the Crossfire Travel BugKing Bridge

GCW33G (DNF) Wood Bridge

We continued to Wood Bridge.  As before, we were unable to find the cache.  Since others have found it since my last visit, it is certainly there - we just didn't figure it out!  The spider on the sign was huge and provided some interest...

Keeper of the Cache at Woods Bridge?

The Vexing Woods Bridge

The last time I came I screwed up and failed to cross the bridge and follow my route to the next bridge.  This time I corrected that, though it was not without consequence.  The road between Wood Bridge and the next stop was unpaved and steep.  This is not exactly the kind of road for the Crossfire.  So we took it slow and eventually reached the next stop without event.

GCW33D Shriver Bridge

This was a pretty spot.  We stopped and Ted found the cache.  We signed the log and moved on.

Schriver BridgeTed with CacheTed signing LogLogging Crossfire Travel BugLogging Crossfire Travel Bug
View from Shriver Bridge

GCW33C Scott Bridge

Next we went up to Scott Bridge. We visited Scott Bridge site on our trip around the Bridge cache series. The bridge is dismantled and the span is under construction. We did not seek the cache thinking it may be displaced.

Site of Scott BridgeScott Bridge partsScott Bridge span
Ted at the Site of Scott Bridge

GC11R5X Log Courthouse

I took Ted to the Log Courthouse so he could log the cache.  He found it after a few minutes looking around.  I logged the Crossfire travel bug.

Log Courthouse in Waynesburg, PA
Ted Signing Log Courthouse log with Crossfire Travel Bug

GC11RC8 (DNF) Think Tank

We drove around the corner to Think Tank.  We looked long and hard at the Tank - even climbing up (no signs to the contrary) and still I could not find the cache...

Paul on Think Tank in Waynesburg, PA

GCW33N Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge

From there we drove up to the next bridge.  This one rewarded us with a find.  The afternoon was really beautiful and this spot was no exception.

Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge Ted with Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge logTed signing Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge logLogging Crossfire Travel Bug at Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge Logging Crossfire Travel Bug at Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge
Cox Lippincott Farm Bridge

GCW33R (DNF) Carmichaels Bridge

We stopped at Fox Pizza Den in Carmichael to have something to eat and then went down to the next bridge.  The cache I found last time had been replaced with a micro, but I didn't know this until after I returned home.  We did not find the micro.

Carmichaels Bridge


By this time it was nearly dark, so we set a course for home, stopped on the way to pick up some groceries and then called it a wonderful day!


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