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It was almost the anniversary of the cutting of our last Christmas tree.  The weather was incredibly nice out (60-degrees and then some) and it made perfect sense to go get the tree.  We were so pleased with our experience last year at King Trees that we didn't even think for a minute that we'd go anywhere else.

Norman Rockwell


Before we left to go get the tree we took a ride to Lowe's and bought a few things.  Tree food, a wire protector (for the cord that we expect to have running across the floor in the foyer, and so other odds and ends - like Poinsettias, candles, etc.  After that we drove back to the house and swapped the Cherokee for the Wrangler and then hit the road for King Trees.


Since I had spent so much time cleaning up the Jeep and there was still some fresh paint on the bumpers and things, I decided to skip the overland route this year.  This saved us some time and we reached the tree farm very quickly.  The early afternoon light was very nice and the temperature was so comfortable it felt more like late spring than early winter.

We drove into the front yard and were greeted by the same young lady we met last year.  She offered us a saw, their hospitality, and free run of the farm.  We went in further and wandered around several fields of trees. 

King Trees Track Log Detail (driving around the fields)

We found several candidates but wanted something rather large and full.  Maria had expressed an interest in a 10-foot tree for the foyer.  Most that we saw were close to the edges of the fields so had one side or another that was stunted.  They would work well for a corner but not for the middle of a large room where all sides of the tree would show.  We did find one tree that was perfect but it had already been tagged by another family so it was to go home with them later.

We found a couple more candidates but wanted to be sure we had checked all the fields.  I drove through the woods for a ways and we enjoyed the softness of the afternoon light coming through the trees as we drove on a road covered with fallen leaves and pine needles.  The road more or less ended in an area that reminds me very much of my grandfathers woodlot.  But the road did not lead to another field of trees so we backtracked and took the last road we knew to the upper field most distant from the farm.

King Trees Meadow
King Trees Meadow - Click to Enlarge

We got out of the Jeep and wandered around the field of trees.  There were several wonderful trees that were nicely formed but few that met the height requirement.

Ted and Tom among the trees - Click to Enlarge

Ted and Tom among the trees

Maria and the kids found an eight-foot tree that was easily twice as big around as it was tall.  They dubbed it "The Fat Tree" and voted three to my one that we should get that tree.  It was a nice tree but I was still holding on to the original requirement of a ten-foot tree and still hoped for one that was symmetrical and without major gaps.  I asked for a few more minutes to continue the search for the one.

Then I found it.  It was about 12-feet tall and was well filled in all the way around.  There were no major gaps; the trunk was quite straight; the shape was symmetrical.  I had found "The Tree".

Ted and Tom with our tree and Paul preparing saw...
Ted and Tom with our tree and Paul preparing saw...

I brought the Jeep down to the tree, which fortunately was near the edge of the field.  I got my bow saw and was soon cutting down the tree.

Paul cutting down the treePaul cutting down the treeTimber!
The Vanquished and the Conquerors! - Click to Enlarge

I must confess that it pains me to cut down such beautiful trees.  I think next year we will need to start earlier and find a tree that can be brought home alive and planted after we decorate and celebrate.  We did that once and it was much more satisfying.

With the deed done, I put the tree up on the rack and lashed it temporarily for the drive to level ground.

Hauling to flat ground to anchor - Click to Enlarge

Once back on the top of the field, I secured to the rack the tree with three large, heavy-duty shock cords.

Tom and TedAnchoring the Tree
Anchoring the Tree - Click to Enlarge

Norman Rockwell

The kids played in the field and posed for a picture.

Tom and Ted in the Meadow - Click to Enlarge

When the tree was tied down well I took a picture of the crew.

Tom, Maria, and Ted (with the Jeep and Tree of course!) - Click to Enlarge

We stopped at the farm yard to pay for the tree, and then drove the short distance home.

 Norman Rockwell

There, I made a straight cut on the bottom of the tree, installed the tree stand, and then brought the tree into the foyer and stood it up.

Our Tree in the Foyer from Above
Our Tree in the Foyer from Above

Tom and Ted seem pleased...

Tom and Ted with the Tree - Click to Enlarge

Maria likes it...

Maria with the Tree
The Tree in the Foyer
The Tree in the Foyer

The kids set up a little tree Maria bought for them and have it in their room.

Ted and Tom's TreeTed and Tom's Tree
Ted and Tom's Tree


Decorated Tree

Decorating TreePartially Decorated TreeDecorated TreeDecorated Tree

Decorated TreeDecorated TreeDecorated Tree

Decorated TreeDecorated TreeDecorated TreeDecorated TreeDecorated Tree

Decorated TreeDecorated TreeDecorated Tree

Decorated TreeDecorated Tree

Decorated Tree

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