Auxillary CB Speaker

Radio Shack

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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!


The Radio Shack speaker is great.  If you want to order online, try this Cobra upgrade:

After driving around listening to the speaker in the handset of the Cobra 75 WX ST CB, it became clear that I would need to get an auxiliary speaker so that I would be able to hear more distant transmissions.  Anything but a clear transmission was almost impossible to hear unless the top was up, the radio was off, the A/C was off, and I was sitting at a traffic light waiting for a green... Auxillary Speaker
Auxillary Speaker I wanted to get an amplified speaker, and even picked one out when I went shopping, but the clerk retrieved the wrong unit from the stock room for me and I was so busy selecting wire to connect it to the radio that when it was time to pay, I didn't notice that she had gotten me a non-powered unit that looked exactly like the one I had selected.  I paid and left the store and didn't realize it until I was home.  I decided to try it out and see how well it worked.   It seems fine, so I am going to give it a try and see if I really need something better.

View facing upwards to rear from drivers side

Installation was pretty basic - I simply assembled the bracket to the speaker then cable-tied the bracket to the corner of the Sport Bars over the driver's side seat.  I ran the speaker cable inside the Sport Bar covers, under the lip of the door jamb, behind and along the bottom edge of the dash, to the CB box hidden in the front of the console.

View from above drivers seat

Auxillary Speaker
Auxillary Speaker I plugged it in and poof - sound!   The speaker is right near my left ear so I can pretty much hear everything that is broadcast.  I had to go back to the store to return the extra cables that I didn't need so I was listening for anyone that might be broadcasting.  Some trucks working construction were chattering.  I could hear them pretty well.  At one point they gave their location - about 8 miles away!  So it seems that this unit will be more than adequate for my trail needs.

View from passenger side

Radio Shack 21-549B Communications Extension Speaker

Radio Shack 21-549B Communications Extension Speaker

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD! - Click here for details!

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!

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