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Surface rust on Passenger footwell - Click to Enlarge


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While I had the seats and carpets out after my little mud bath, I inspected the floor for any signs of damage.  This meant first cleaning all the mud out of all the crevices.  I put plastic over the dash area and hosed out the Jeep interior.  I had removed the floor plugs on Saturday so the water drained out of the floor pretty well.  I noted one problem area with some surface rust from condensation on the passenger-side floor. 

Surface rust on Passenger footwell
Surface rust on Passenger footwellSurface rust on Passenger footwell

This was mainly caused from a moisture build up from the air conditioner, not from the mud hole.  Before I extended the drain pipe the water would collect on the passenger-side floor and stay there for a long time.  The metal heat pad (aluminum) rubbing on the floor first removed the paint and then caused a galvanic reaction with the steel and soon the rust was formed.  The driver's side and the rear seating area and cargo space were virtually like new except for where the fold-and-tumble rear seat feet hit the floor.

Rear Seat Passenger Side Footwell (all seats removed) - Click to EnlargeDriver's Side footwell - Click to Enlarge
Rear Seat / Cargo area (seat removed)

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To combat this I purchased a POR-15 kit and followed the instructions to first clean the metal and surrounding area, apply a metal prep to neutralize the rust, then finally to paint the floor with POR-15.

POR-15 Super Starter Kit

The paint went on very easily.  I prepped and painted several other smaller spots while I was at it.  Here is a view of the finished area.

Interior (Seats Removed)

Front Passenger Footwell after POR-15

Front Driver Footwell after POR-15

Driver's Side Rear Passenger Footwell area

Passenger's Side Rear Passenger Footwell area

One very small can of POR-15 was enough to do the passenger foot well, the underside of my winch plate, and some spots on the driver's side foot well and the point where the fold and tumble rear seat feet rest on the floor of the rear cargo area.

I noted a couple other areas that need the same treatment.

Gas Tank Skid Plate

The gas tank skid plate has trapped a large amount of mud.  It has drain holes but they're plugged.  I shall have to remove it to get it clean.  I will take that opportunity to treat it to some POR-15.

Winch Plate

As part of removing the winch to be sent out for service, I removed the winch plate.  The powder coating had failed.

Winch Plate Corrosion

Topside of Winch Plate
Front of Winch Plate

Driving Light Brackets

Driving Light Bracket

Bumper area with winch plate removed

I scraped the scale and rust off and followed the same steps to prep and paint it with POR-15 as the other areas.  It came out so well I will probably follow the recommendations for refinishing the entire winch plate using POR-15 products and topcoats that do not suffer UV-graying.

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