Jenkinsburg Bridge, GCWE46

Jenkinsburg Bridge - Click to Enlarge


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I noted that a relatively new cache had been placed.  I spent the evening poring over the various maps to see what lie between Jenkinsburg Bridge and GCWE46.  From the looks of it, it was along the lines of the one we'd been fooling with recently and sounded interesting.  I added the data to my collection of GPS info and put on the back burner for the rest of the evening.

The next day, while Maria and her cousin went shopping, I loaded the kids into the Jeep and we headed out to see if we would have any luck.


There wasn't much to do.  I put lots of liquids and some quick energy food in the cooler.  I fed the kids a carbohydrate-laden lunch, and then we piled into the Jeep and hit the road.


The road to get there got narrow and in some spots I was suspicious that erosion was making it very likely that soon enough the road was going to slip away from the hillside.  I took great care to stay away from the edge...  It was so disconcerting I decided we would not come back this way on the way home.  The red dots on the 3-D map below show our route with the part behind the mountain being particularly "interesting"...

Jenkins Bridge Area - 3-D Track - Click to Enlarge

Aerial View of Jenkinsburg Bridge Area

Finally we got to Jenkinsburg Bridge. 

June 2007

I found these articles in the Dominion Post.  Just some additional info to demonstrate what this road is like:

Jenkinsburg Bridge and surrounding area

Along Mt. Nebo-Bull Run RdAlong Mt. Nebo-Bull Run Rd

Jenkinsburg BridgeJenkinsburg BridgeJeep near Jenkinsburg Bridge
Jenkinsburg Bridge - Click to Enlarge

View of Cheat River from Jenkinsburg BridgeView of Cheat River from Jenkinsburg Bridge

Jenkinsburg Bridge

That was also not terribly confidence inspiring.  The bridge was built in 1912, and it looks like it has not been touched since except for the deck which looks like 2x4's laid next to each other all the way across.  I waited until I had seen a vehicle cross and observed for myself that the bridge didn't even move.  I asked several people that were milling about and they all said yes, vehicles drive across it all the time...  It would be just my luck...

So I drove across it.  Needless to say we made it just fine.  We parked on the other side and walked down to the put-in area that was newly set up by a local outfitter who did a land swap to get control of it.

Jenkinsburg Bridge
Jenkinsburg Bridge

Cheat River at Jenkinsburg Bridge

Cheat River at Jenkinsburg BridgeCheat River at Jenkinsburg Bridge

Big Sandy at Jenkinsburg Bridge

Put-in Area at Jenkinsburg Bridge

The spot is beautiful.  The Cheat runs roughly North and Big Sandy comes in from the East.  It is a great starting point for some and a great finishing point for others.

From there, we walked back up to the Jeep and gratefully continued East along the road.  It stayed very remote and the road quite rough.  Nothing new for us.

Ruin on Mt. Nebo-Bull Run Road

Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, WV

Farm near Hudson, WV

Pretty soon we reached the parking space for the geocache we had set out to find.  So I parked the Jeep and we headed into the woods along the foot trail.

Jon Paul amd Tomi heading for the cache

Cache Area - Click to Enlarge

Stone on the way

It was muddy in spots but still a nice walk.

Jon Paul bypassing the mud

The last few hundred yards was a bit of a struggle with the three kids, the briars here and there, and the soft footing due to the recent rains.  But we managed to get down to the cache without any troubles.

The kids started looking around with my warning them constantly not to dig into rock piles because they might find a snake or three.  No snakes today.  Pretty soon Jon Paul and Teddy suggested that I was standing on the cache.  And upon closer examination, this proved true.  So we brought out the cache and checked it out.

Tomi shows the cards while bugs attack - Click to EnlargeTed shows the Cabelas Tool - Click to Enlarge

The SwagYellow Key 103.1

Log Version 1
Log Version 2

Given that it was newly hidden, there was lots of good stuff inside.  Ted and Tom picked out some stuff, I signed the log book, and pretty soon we were walking back up the trail. 

Cache Crew

It was hot and buggy the whole time but we had a pleasant visit overall though Jon Paul did slip on a damp log.  He was lucky to fall into me instead of the rock behind me.

Cheat River near Cache

We pounded the fluids on the way back up the hill to the Jeep. 

Another Ruin on the Road outAlternate Road Out

We opted to take the high road for the more dry footing and promise of a little downhill back to the Jeep.

Walking to the Jeep

The Jeep


Once we reached the Jeep I passed around more fluids, some cookies and chocolates.  We ate them while I drove back down to Route 26, out to Route 68 and then home.  This was my 50th cache.  We had a nice day and everyone made it home in one piece!

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