Pine Knob, Scattered Remains
& Mt. Summit (White Rock Hollow)

Jeep near Scattered Remains


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Maria went to visit with a friend so the boys and I had some unstructured time.  I had been scoping out the Pine Knob Geocache in anticipation of such a moment so I decided to strike while the iron was hot.


I loaded the GPS with data from trips to these areas, packed the cooler with ice and lots of goodies and fluids.  I got the kids into their trail clothing and hit the road.  I failed to notice that Tom had worn his cowboy boots...


We drove north to Uniontown, PA and then started looking for the trail entrance.

Pine Knob CITO

I made a mistake routing to the trail and we ended up hitting the Pine Knob Road entrance on the North side of the trail.  As promised, it was closed.  It did give us a preview of the trail, which was fairly tame looking.  It occurs to me now we should have driven down to here from above just for the ride but we did not.

I navigated around the hills to the south entrance near Laurel Caverns.

A Day of Caching in Fayette County - Click to Enlarge
Piney Knob, Scattered Remains, Mt. Summit cache trails - Click to Enlarge

Entrance to SR-2001Entrance to SR-2001
Entrance to SR-2001

The trail was nothing more or less than an easy dirt road with some mud puddles.  It appears to be maintained to the extent that vehicles can pass without obstruction.

Recent Tree WorkRecent Tree Work

I noted where the foot trail appears to intersect with the trail.

Trail Junction

Soon we reached the end of the road that goes to Pine Knob.  The old road going up has been obstructed with large boulders.  This does not prevent motorcycles and ATV's from getting past.  It would have even been possible to circumvent it with a Jeep but for the edge of one boulder that would make it "interesting" to climb over.

The second approach, most likely carved by ATV's that seem from the traces to be everywhere out here.  That "trail" has been blocked by two tank traps that have been circumvented.  They even have full-sized tire tracks going down into them that do not appear to come out the other end.  Something about a deep narrow hole with vertical edges preventing forward movement no matter how big and bad the tires are...?  The paths around the tank traps are just wide enough for a Jeep but again, it seemed inappropriate so we grabbed the GPS and hiked up the hill.

Tom on the path to the summitTank TrapTom heads up
Tom hear the top

The walk was soon rewarded with a great view and a flat area that was reasonably clean though a lot of broken glass and a few cans were strewn about.  We checked out the view while we had something to drink.

Tom and Ted at the Top

Guessing about approaches to the cache, I hiked with the kids around to the side and down to the indicated cache location.  The GPS signal was all over the place so we ended up scouring every downed tree on the side of the hill before finally finding the correct location. 

Fallen TreeHollow RootsHollow TreeFungus Among Us

The kids were about ready to call it quits when I found it.  We took a couple trash bags to do some clean up (Cache-In-Trash-Out).

Trademark Cache MarkerThe CacheBillions and Billions of Dollars here!
Our Log Entry

Itty-Bitty 'Shrooms

The walk back up the hill to the flat area wasn't too bad.  We took our time and I urged the kids on with promises of drinks when we got there.  When we got to the top, we broke out the trash bags and started picking up trash from where we got to the top all the way back to the Jeep.

Parking - Click to Enlarge

We ended up with two bags of trash. Thanks to Questmaster for thinking of this and providing the bags!

Our Trash Haul

I discovered that I had lost the cap to the camera.  It normally hangs on a tether but the plastic loop had broken off.  I started to walk back the few steps since I took the pictures of the parking spot when a very small motorcycle ridden by a full-sized guy came along, scooted up the hill past the boulders and out of sight.  We had heard voices from above when we were looking for the cache but had not seen anyone.

Pretty soon he came back down the hill and asked if I was looking for something, passed the time of day and then went on his way.  We turned around and left the way we had come.  On the way out we passed first a 4X4 pick up truck, then a small car with mountain bikes.

Passing TrafficPassing Traffic

Scattered Remains

Back on the road we wove our way back down to Fairchance and located the route into the trails near Scattered Remains.  The last time we came here, we went to the cache called Polly Takes the Plunge.  This time we would continue further south and west to the cache location.  The trail was not terribly difficult though it clearly would be impossible with a much larger vehicle, and very hard on, if not impossible for a 2-Wheel-Drive vehicle.

Reaching the cache location it is quickly apparent that there was a major operation here some time ago. 

Parked at Scattered Remains

We wandered around for a few minutes though the kids were anxious to eat so we didn't really stay very long.  It will require another trip to fully explore this site.

Scattered Remains Ruins
Scattered Remains Ruins
Scattered Remains Ruins with kidsScattered Remains Ruins

The kids definitely wanted to check things out but I was not sure what was stable and what was a death trap, so I discouraged free roaming.  Instead we went straight for the cache.  It was well hidden but the boys spotted it quickly.  We found inside a nice Geocoin, Buck token, and Micro-Machines Helicopter. 

Maryland Geocoin - Treasure the ChesapeakeBuck TokenTom took the Helicopter

There were a number of other interesting items, including our own Matchbox Pickup Truck that Ted and I had placed in Grist Mill Cache last year!

Hey!  Our Matchbox Truck from Laurel Caverns Cache!

We left the El Paso #43 Race Car, the Country Music Fame Travel Bug.  We also left my personal token.

Old El Paso #43Country Music Fame

We signed the log after surveying the contents of the cache.

Our Log EntryCache Contents

Scattered Remains indeed!

Scattered Remains Indeed!

ppro Jeep Club

Of course the ppro Jeep Club (minus Teddy's Jeep Rescue) made the trek!

ppro Jeep Club

More Ruins

The trip back up the trail illustrates the perils to road-going vehicles.

Kids Near Jeep at Scattered Remains
Jeep at Scattered Remains
Mud on trail
Jeep at Scattered Remains with Mud
Jeep near Scattered Remains

And a baby walking stick (bug)!

Baby Stick Bug


Mt. Summit

We took a break to have dinner at the Eat 'N Park near Uniontown Mall.  That was a much needed break.  When we finished we intended to head directly home but missed the turn that would have put us on Route 43.  Instead we found ourselves going up the hill towards Mt. Summit...  I was not thrilled to add an extra ten miles to a 17 mile drive home but the Mt. Summit cache icon loomed on the GPS so I decided it was meant to be - that we would visit this cache to cap off our day in the area.

Ted found the cache right away with a brilliant first stab at the hide location.

Mt. Summit Cache

Tom meanwhile did his best to test my heart with some trickery at the outlook wall...

Tom playing with Dad's Head

We took nothing but signed the log.

Our LogMt. Summit Cache contents

This memorial to a fellow was nearby.

Memorial near cache locationMemorial near cache location
Cache Location

The kids by now were whipped and ready to go home.

Kids at Sunset
Happy?  Tired?Going Going Gone

The end of a great day!

Sunset at Mt. Summit Cache
Sunset at Mt. Summit Cache


We drove back down the hill on Route 40, caught the southbound, and soon reached home, tired, muddy and ready for some R&R!  Three caches in this area is the most we could fit into this day!

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