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Jason posted a message to me on Jeeps Unlimited referring me to the ride notice on the WV Jeepers site for this ride.  As the week went on it got moved later and later in the day.  This worked to my advantage and I found that I was able to schedule some time to go.  I had been wanting to see what this area looked like and the weather was perfect for it.  Sunny and warm but the trail had been drying for a few days.  I would not have to deal with any major mud!  So I loaded Ted and Tom, a few drinks and snacks, tools and winch kit, greased the disconnects and put the air down kit in the Jeep.  On the road!

Area covered in yellow - Click to Enlarge


Jason scheduled the group to meet at the Exxon off the Prickett's Fort exit at 4:00pm.  When we arrived there was quite a group of people there. 

01amberfirewv - Jason in the amberfire TJ
ZJDRE - Troy and his friend in the ZJ
chevee - Chevee in the Red YJ
WVWrangler - Adam & Wendy
ppro - black TJ (4x4 ICON)
IfiXJeeps - green XJ
TJinWV - Dan, Julie and Hunter
prchrman - in the black Unlimited
EngrJeeper - Glen in the electric lime green TJ
(did I miss anyone?)

Meeting at Exxon - Click to Enlarge
Meeting at ExxonMeeting at ExxonMeeting at ExxonMeeting at Exxon
Meeting at ExxonMeeting at ExxonMeeting at ExxonMeeting at Exxon
Meeting at Exxon - Click to Enlarge

We waited a few minutes for the last people to show up.  I took this time to air down and disconnect.  Then we headed out.


We drove through Fairmont and out to the street that ties into the trail.  We dropped into 4-LO (Ahhhh!) and drove down to Buffalo Creek. 

Buffalo CreekBuffalo CreekBuffalo Creek
Buffalo Creek - Click to Enlarge

There, we followed a trail section that leads up a hill, along the side of the hill and then back uo to the main road, which is a dirt road that gets rougher as it goes deeper into the woods.

Buffalo Creek - Click to Enlarge
Buffalo CreekBuffalo CreekBuffalo CreekBuffalo CreekBuffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek - Click to Enlarge

Buffalo CreekBuffalo CreekBuffalo Creek
Buffalo CreekBuffalo CreekBuffalo CreekBuffalo Creek

No problems there.  Jason followed a side trail that disappeared into the woods probably used by ATV's, which were out and about.

Buffalo CreekEroded TrailEroded Trail
Eroded Trail - Click to Enlarge

Back up on the main dirt road we continued North a ways and came to a long hill. 

Julie, Hunter and DanIfiXJeepsIfiXJeepsComing to first hillComing to first hill
TroyComing to first hillComing to first hill

Checking out the hill - Click to Enlarge

Checking out the hill - Click to Enlarge

Several folks took a minute to climb the hill, turn around and come back down. 

Going upGoing upGoing up
Coming downComing downComing down

Coming down - Click to Enlarge

Coming downDone

Next...In there somewhere...In there somewhere...Coming Down
Coming Down - Click to Enlarge

NextGoing Up
Coming Down - Click to Enlarge
Coming DownWant a Ride?Done


Going upGoing upGoing upGoing up
Going up - Click to Enlarge
Going upGoing upGoing up
Coming DownComing DownComing DownComing DownDone

Dan - Click to Enlarge
DanDanDanDanDoneUp the trail

Great Day in the Woods - Click to Enlarge

Got Mud? - Click to Enlarge


I took the kids up and we went all the way to the top. 

4x4 Icon
4x4 Icon - Click to Enlarge

Another oneAnother oneAnother oneGoing UpGoing UpGoing Up

Going UpComing BackComing Back
Coming Back - Click to Enlarge
Coming BackComing BackDoneDone

The trail continues down the other side as an ATV track so we turned around and came back the same way.

After a break for some talk, we mounted up again and drove up the dirt road West . 

CR 19/8CR 19/8CR 19/8
CR 19/8 - Click to Enlarge

There a few people tackled a steeper hill that went down off the road to a hollow with a creek at the bottom.

About to go down the hill
About to go down the hill - Click to Enlarge
Going downThere's no looking back
Troy coming down - Click to Enlarge
Troy coming downJason parked by the side

Checking the steep hillTroyEvaluating the hazards

Stairway to Heaven? - Click to Enlarge

Ted and Tom and 4x4 Icon - Click to Enlarge

Tom goes exploringTom goes exploringTom goes exploring
Tom goes exploring - Click to Enlarge
Tom goes exploringTom goes exploring

Another one comes downAnother one comes down
Another one comes down - Click to Enlarge

Dan and clan
Dan and clan - Click to Enlarge

Movie: mov00147.mpg Big Hill Troy Tries

This hill was a little steeper with one section containing some loose rocks about the size of softballs up to the size of soccer balls.  The section was just long enough that a vehicle would have all four wheels on rock.  Going down was no problem but going up was more interesting.

At the bottom of the hollow, the trail continues up the other side, with ATV-width tracks.  At the bottom lies a little creek with a pool right at the edge of the track at the bottom.  The track goes slightly on an angle up the hill and there is a slight off-camber angle to the ground, with the right side being a little higher than the left.

Jason said that even the most daring folks he's brought there have not tried to climb this.  After some discussion and exploration by Jason, Troy, and Tomas, Troy decided to try it.  We discussed the approach and gave some tips about what to do in various circumstances that could develop.  We also gave assurances that we would winch him off it if it came to that.

So Troy gave it his best shot.  He got up the hill a little ways and lost traction.  That might have been the best thing because the hill is pretty tricky looking, even though the map says it's not any steeper than the one we came down.  This looks like a hill that calls for driving your Jeep like you stole it, or MTs and lockers and nerves of steel.  Since I left my nerves of steel at work I opted not to be the first to find out what the hill can dish out.  I am sure this little tale will make someone want to climb this hill.  Go with my best wishes for success but do not go alone!

Going back up - Click to Enlarge
Going back up

At the top - Click to Enlarge

Still coming back up
Still coming back up - Click to Enlarge
Still coming back upClearing the top

We drove back up the hill out of the hollow and got back on the main dirt road. 

Carrying on - Click to Enlarge

Up a ways we turned South-southwest to go down a trail with some tight sections and some washed out surfaces.  It was pretty easy but nice to get back into the woods practicing on something that wouldn't leave me walking out.

Another side trailAnother side trailAnother side trail

Along the way we heard the story about the property owner on a Gator ATV who was upset with the group for going in his field.  On this trip the group was not going to go on his land.  Good choice.

We got to the bottom of the trail where the land started so we doubled back.  Along the way there was what looked like an erosion bar across the trail that was muddy and steep on one side.  A couple of us tackled it in both directions.  Fun stuff!

Another side trail
tough spot - Click to Enlarge
tough spottough spot

tough spot - Click to Enlarge

tough spottough spot

We drove back up out of this section and then continued roughly North on the dirt road. 

rear viewsome mud

some mud - Click to Enlarge
some mudcatching up

some mud - Click to Enlarge

some mud
some mud - Click to Enlarge

some mud - Click to Enlarge

It was interesting.  We also stopped many times along the way to pick blackberries out the window.

Black Berries - Click to Enlarge

The kids had been complaining that they were hungry so this helped hold them off.

Nearing the endrear viewNice little road

When we reached Watson Farm-Woods Run we stopped to reconnect sway bars, talk about plans for going home, and to let little boys fight over some ammo shells that had been found on the ground.

The gang - Click to Enlarge

When everyone was ready, we drove out to pavement at Flinches run and everyone went their separate ways.


We flew by instruments (GPS) and followed the road to Chesapeake, around and past Mt. Carmel Cemetery (impressive) and Hampton Road back down to Route 250 where we stopped at the Par Mar car wash/gas station/ air hose/ convenience store. 

Par Mar car wash, gas, air and goodiesairKids

What more could we ask for!  The kids got snacks; I got fuel and air.  I decided to save the car wash for after I put the doors and windows back on.  We put the windows on for the ride up Route 79.  It had gone down to about 69 degrees so the ride at 70 mph in the back seat was a little chilly (wind chill factor makes it seem like 55 degrees).  That's a little nippy for kids with shorts and t-shirts.  Gotta get those wind breakers back in the Jeep.  Might also be a good excuse for those soft full doors I keep on wanting to buy...

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