Eagle Rock

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock


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The weather was cool and the foliage season was winding down.  But there was still some good color outside so I convinced the whole family that we should take a ride.  I recalled a favorite place that I had been unable to visit for several years.  The combination of the drive to the place, the view it affords, and the possibility of finding a geocache offered the promise of a great afternoon and evening.

I located the spot on the map and determined that we would have enough time to drive there, hike to the view, and still get home at a reasonable hour.  With our late departure time it was important to be sure because we did not want to be walking out of the woods in the dark.  Had this been a week later, we would have been too late.  (Daylight Savings Time not yet "off").

I copied the waypoint, route and track data to the GPS, packed four knapsacks with Ted's help, and soon we were loaded into the Commander and ready to hit the road.


After about three hours on the road and many beautiful views, we reached the trail head.

Capon Springs and vicinity Track

Everybody got dressed for the weather.  It was in the high 40's so it took a few minutes for us to feel warm.  We set off up the trail for what would be a one hour hike to the view.

The trail is much as I remembered it from my visit in 1985.  If anything, the trail is more visible and shows more signs of use, though certainly not abused. 

Along the way we encountered a few groups coming down.  Clearly we were starting later in the day, but this was OK as I wanted the late afternoon light once we reached the top.  If I was alone I would probably have even stayed for the sunset and made more photos at that time.

Pretty soon we got near the top so I got the camera out and took some pictures of our group as we crested the ridge.

Maria and Ted on the TrailTom on the trail

We met some folks already at the prime spot so I encouraged the family to push on up the trail.  I was trying to reach the spot shown on the map as the summit.

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

That turned out to be a mistake as the trail soon faded into briars and huge boulders that we climbed.  Pretty soon everyone started questioning the value of this, and with no clear landmark emerging from the undergrowth, we turned back and found our way (thanks to the GPS) back to the path and the outlook that I had planned to visit.

The other family had left so we enjoyed it alone, marveling at the terrain and the vastness of it all.

Ted and Tom on Eagle Rock

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

The Boys on Eagle Rock

Maria on Eagle Rock

Tom and Ted on Eagle Rock

When everyone had eaten something, and had a drink, we got organized and started back down the trail. 

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock
View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

Tom on Eagle Rock

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

Maria on Eagle Rock with Tuscarora Trail in the Distance

View in Late Afternoon from Eagle Rock

The boys turned on a Walkie-Talkie and went ahead while Maria and I took our time getting down.

When Maria and I reached the Commander, the boys were hiding on us.  I played a trick on them and remote-started the Commander.  That brought them out of hiding - nobody wants to be left behind, in the midst of the forest, three hours from home!

From here we drove down the road 2 miles to Hawk Campsite where the Deer Hostel Geocache was located.  While everyone sat in the Commander, I took the short hike to the cache, signed the log and made a couple images.

GC370A Log Book with NEGRITA3 Travel Bug

Glen around GC370A Cache

Trail originating in Hawk Campground

 I radio'd my find to them and then hiked back.

The drive out took us through the Capon Springs Resort.  It is a place where people go on retreats and things.  It's a beautiful place that would be nice to visit someday.

We drove back along the Capon Springs Valley Road that follows the river across the valley.  It was very pretty near sunset.

When we got to Romney we stopped at the Dairy Queen/Brazier to have something to eat, then hit the road for home.


This is typical of my near-legendary "drives to nowhere", but this time with three distinguishable destinations - the trip itself, through beautiful country; the hike to the rock outcrop with stellar view; and the geocache.  It was a great afternoon!


Capon Springs GPS Data

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