1998 Jeep Cherokee Satellite Radio Installation

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Update: 6/8/07

Don't get me wrong - Country Music helped build this country and remains one of the finest genres of music. It's just that where we live, that's pretty much all there is to listen to. My wife was pining away for her international programming. I had the blues for the blues. The kids have outgrown Barney but they wanted to hear something besides songs about dead dogs, lost wives and hangovers.

And along comes the RoadyXT to save us all. The car kit comes with the radio and provides everything needed to install the device in a few minutes.

Delphi Roady XTDelphi Roady XT Car Kit

I plugged the power cord into the cigarette lighter, ran the antenna wire back through the car and stuck the magnetic pad antenna on the roof. I stuck the cassette adapter into the cassette player and the mounting clip into one of the vents. I went into the house and subscribed to XM-Radio online.

XMXM sloganXM Satellite Radio Logo

I got the holiday enrollment deal and within 10 minutes I was surfing the large selections of satellite radio programming. And if I get nostalgic, I can even listen to country music!  This thing rocks!

Roady XT User Manual


1999 Jeep Wrangler  Satellite Radio Installation

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Update 10/12/07 - Revised Bracket and iPod Install


Update: 6/8/07

The satellite radio works so well in the other cars that I decided I needed to have it in the Wrangler.  I contemplated just swapping the radio between cars and using another install kit but the cost of the whole kit including the radio and incremental cost of a monthly cost for a second radio was so low it didn't make sense to handle the unit all the time like that.

I also found that the latest version of the Roady XT includes an improved package with a way to send the signal to the vehicle more directly, SureConnect.  Since I will be plugging this in directly, I will use the improved install kit on the Cherokee since it doesn't have a direct plug-in method and will probably benefit from the SureConnect feature.

Delphi Roady XT

In order to use this with my existing head unit I added a Pioneer CD RB10 Bus input adapter so that I can just plug it in to the back of the pre-amp and use the existing menus to select the radio from the mode menu.


Audio Connections

Wiring Components Diagram

This is a simple device to install.  The manufacturer provides several connection methods to get the signal from the unit to the system installed in your car.  If you have a cassette player (I don't) you simply plug the cassette adapter into the unit and insert the "cassette" into your player.  If you do not have a cassette player and do not have auxiliary inputs on your system, the next option is to use the wireless FM transmitter.  Simply put, you set the unit to use this option, tune your existing FM radio to an unused frequency, match it on the unit, and you are set to go.

I opted for the most direct method - I purchased an auxiliary input connection for my head unit and plugged it into the back of my head unit.

Pioneer CD RB10 - IP-Bus input adapter

I toggled the AUX option of my head unit "ON".  This gives me the capability to switch from CD to FM/AM to XM.  I could also swap the XM receiver with a cassette player or iPod if I wanted to use my old tapes or listen to MPG's.

Belkin AV20604-07 PureAV Y Audio Cable (7 Feet) - Click to Enlarge


I ran an audio Y-splitter cable with the proper connections on each end to the newly installed Auxiliary connections on the back of my unit, and plugged it into another splitter.

Y-Cable Adapter Radio Shack #42-2496

This provides the capability to add another input source, like an IPOD later.  On the extra jack I snapped a female-female connector. 

Stereo Phone Connector Radio Shack #274-1555

This gives me a way to connect the 2nd device with either a male or female connector.

I plugged the remaining connector into the right-angle adapter.

right-angle adapter Radio Shack #274-372

This solves the problem of having the connector sticking straight out the side of the radio.  Without the angle adapter, the plug and radio are vulnerable.  This way the lead is more flush with the side of the radio.

Satellite Radio

I routed the GPSMap 76CSx and XM satellite antennas to the roof rack with my other Satellite antennas.  I revised the antenna mount to accommodate three antennas.

 Hands Free Blue Tooth Speaker with Satellite Antenna Conduit

I took this opportunity to check the satellite reception on the GPS and XM devices.  The results were good.  All devices achieved their normal levels of reception parked in my driveway.

Satellite Reception (GPS V, external antenna, 8 satellites, 15ft accuracy) - Click to Enlarge Satellite Reception (GPSMap 76 CSx, external antenna, 12 satellites, 10ft accuracy) - Click to Enlarge Satellite Reception (GPS12, no external antenna, 8 satellites, 15ft accuracy) - Click to Enlarge Satellite Reception, XM Radio, external antenna, three bars - Click to Enlarge
14 feet
GPSMap 76 CSx
10 feet
15 feet
XM Radio
3 bars

Continuing with the XM Satellite Radio install, I plugged the XM 12v DC into an existing accessory socket I had previously installed under the dash and concealed the wiring.

Dash with GPSr's and Satellite Radio

Close-up of GPSr'sClose-up of GPSr'sHands Free Speaker with Satellite Antenna Conduit

Cleaned-up front seating area
Cleaned-up front seating area

I mounted the XM unit on my RAM mount for my palm 100 as a temporary measure.  With the installation of the new GPS, I have plenty of on-board storage for tracks and routes, so the palm 100 no longer needs to be in the Jeep full-time.  I am seeking an AMP mount base for the XM unit and will bolt it to the bracket.

Satellite Radio

There is an interesting product on the market from Belkin called the Tune Dock.  It is available in various colors and configurations.  I have found a link for the iPod version.  It is also available for the Roady XT but not from Amazon.  It comes up on a web search.


VooDoo JeepsVooDoo Jeeps




Updated Mounting configuration - 10/12/07

In the process of installing another bracket and wiring for the iPod, I realized that the mounting of the XM Radio could use some improvement.  Among the items that came with the Roady XT was a swivel head mount that conveniently matches my bracket and notches into the back of the satellite radio receiver dock.  I opted to remove the bracket I had been using and reduce the complexity of the XM Radio installation a bit.

Jeep Install with Modified Bracket and Revised XM Radio mounting

At the same time I was raising the complexity of the wiring by adding the iPod.  I added an expansion bracket to the Panavise bracket that I have had for some time.  By making it wider I am able to mount both the XM Radio and the iPod side-by-side, and share the same auxiliary input to the stereo head unit.  This required the fabrication of a small "A-B" switch that accepts two 1/8-inch (3.5mm) inputs (XM Radio and iPod) and one 1/8-inch output (to the head unit).

Jeep Install with Modified Bracket and Revised XM Radio mounting with Auxillary Switch

The dash is beyond cluttered with all these portable devices, but for now they are all at least solidly mounted, powered by vehicle power, and wired to their respective ancillaries with removable connectors.  This gives me a wealth of communications, navigation, and entertainment capabilities, and allows me to strip the dash in less than a minute should I need to leave the vehicle unattended.  In a way, this may be an ideal configuration but for the rather ungainly appearance.




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