iPod Installation (Phase II)


Updated GPS and iPod install

Harman Kardon Drive and Play 1


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After a year with the previous iPod set-up, I found that there were a few things that needed to be changed.

The Bracketron iPod holder was junk.  It was nothing more than a plastic clamp that used brute force to hold the iPod in place.  For sheer inelegance it gets a "10".

The swivel mount I had used to hold the Bracketron came apart twice.  Which meant I was left holding the iPod (literally).  That was easy to fix by simply making the swivel tighter, but it was annoying since it requires disassembly from the Panavise - not something easily done on the road.

The switch box that I made worked but didn't eliminate the ground loop that existed so didn't solve my problem of background hum when both the iPod and XM radio were plugged in.  So the switch fell out of use right away.  It was just adding clutter to an already cluttered environment.

And since I keep the iPod in a case, it was a pain to control because I had to open the cover to see the display and controls.  In short, this configuration was a total failure.

Earlier in the year, I had removed the harman/kardon Drive + Play from the Crossfire to make way for a more integrated interface with the rest of the stereo.  I set the Drive + Play aside for later installation into the Jeep.  Finally I got a moment to finish up in the Jeep, installing the Drive + Play and simplifying the GPS array at the same time.

I used the already installed Panavise bracket, then bolted the Drive + Play bracket I had made above the XM Radio.


This involved simply laying out the mounting of the XM radio and Drive+Play display, cutting out the bracket from some stock, and drilling the holes for the mounting hardware.  With the finished bracket complete, I cleaned it and painted it satin black to match the rest of the bracketry, then reassembled the components.  I did not use self-adhesive tape for this install.  All components are screwed or bolted to the mounting surface.  The remote knob and display are both sufficiently heavy and will receive sufficient use that sticky tape would not cut it.

harman/kardon Drive+Play 1 Display Assembly

I drilled holes for and mounted the control knob on the face of the dash next to the head unit.  This provided me a path to conceal the control knob lead and to mount the control knob out of the way of my shifting arm and clear of the emergency brake. 

harman/kardon Drive+Play 1 Control Knob


I plugged an output to the head unit and ran it to the Drive + Play.  I wired the power connections for the Drive + Play into the Jeep AUX switched and un-switched connections with a ground to the metal under the dash.  I ran the display and control knob wires inside the dash and emerging at the appropriate points. 

I put a right angle adapter on the XM radio signal output and ran a 6-foot extension cable to the auxiliary input connection on the Drive + Play giving me control over the XM radio through the Drive + play.

  • 274-372 Right Angle Adapter - to change the plug direction on the side of the XM radio so it doesn't stick out and invite damage.

right-angle adapter Radio Shack #274-372

1/8 (3.5mm) Stereo Lead

I already had a host of left-over parts (primarily nylock nuts and machine screws) from the installation of the Roady XT XM Radio, and had purchased some other bracket parts when I installed the GPSMap76CSx (swivel head) into the Crossfire.  From all this I assembled the bracket and put it with the existing XM Radio.




The wiring for this is pretty straight-forward:






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