German River

July 4, 2001 Jeep - Click to Zoom In!

July 4, 2001

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German River

With Wednesday off, it seemed like a good day to take a ride.  Keith Holman planned a trip and invited us along so we joined him and a group from C.O.R.E. for a ride out to Broadway, VA. 

Teddy at Wendy'sTeddy and Tomi  at Wendy's with OliverTeddy and Tomi  at Wendy's with OliverManassas, VAManassas, VA


We met as usual at Wendy's in Manassas and drove out to Broadway.

Perhaps in honor of the holiday, there were several state police troopers enforcing the traffic laws.  We maintained the speed limit all the way to Broadway and had no problems.

Broadway, Rt 259 Exxon

We stopped for fuel and last-minute trip instructions.  Then we followed Rt. 259 to 818, and from there onto the Forest Road.

Entrance (105) and Lunch Spot (108)

Near German RiverNear German River


When we reached a side trail marked "232" (waypoint 105 above) we stopped for those with full-sized vehicles who wanted to retract mirrors and remove CB antennas.  Then we started down the trail.  The trail followed German River down the slope. 

Ted and Tom with Ted and Tom with Tom, Papi, TedLunch SpotGerman River Lunch

We stopped for lunch (waypoint 108 above) in one spot where there is a nice place to park and spread out a bit.

Unmarked Trail (109) blocked by trees (110) and way out (111)

Jeep Crossing

After lunch, the trail continues along-side the river.  There are some tame crossings and later, it comes to a small ford.  Just before the ford there is a side trail to the left (waypoint 109 above) that skirts the side of Black Lick Mountain. 

Near German RiverNear German RiverNear German River

We followed this trail to where it is blocked with some small fallen trees, which are removed so that we can continue.  But soon enough we encounter some large fallen trees (waypoint 110 above).  We back-tracked out the way we came in.  This part of the map was drawn using multiple position coordinates taken from my GPS.

Near German River

Returning to the small ford, we stop for a moment, then resume.  Two of the group head out (waypoint 111 above) and the remaining five hang a left and follow the forest road along to pavement.

By and large, the ride consisted of terrain that could be traveled, almost without exception, by road cars with slightly better than normal clearance, and modest driving skill.  Indeed, we encountered a Subaru Outback that was following behind us.

The trail out led us through some territory where the property rights are in dispute.  There is ample evidence of this from the signs.  We stopped at one point because it appeared that we should not pass through one area.  After some discussion, we moved ahead even though there was some doubt.  It was on improved road surfaces and many different landowners clearly used the road to get in and out.  The Subaru driver even stopped and told us that she had been at Boy Scout camp all week and had been in and out several times without problems.

New Market, VAJeep WashJeep Wash - BeforeJeep Wash - BeforeJeep Wash - After

Dinner at a country restaurant in New Market, right next door to a "Jeep" Wash.  I stopped for gas at the other side of town and found some cute Chevron cars ("Freddy Four Wheeler") for the kids.  Another long ride home from the woods and we called it a day!

July 4, 2001 JeepJuly 4, 2001 JeepJuly 4, 2001 JeepJuly 4, 2001 JeepJuly 4, 2001 JeepPirelli ScorpionPirelli ScorpionDash Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

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