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I got a nice gift of Oasis Trailhead automatic tire deflators for Christmas. I didn't have a chance to fine tune them before I went wheeling so I used the recommended starting point (number of turns from full down setting) and tried them out. They went down too far but I was not surprised. One was out in left field from the other three but I figured it would take care of itself when I spent the time to get them more finely adjusted.

Trailhead automatic tire deflator set

The next day, it was a little warmer outside and I had some time without the rug-rats swirling around. So I cranked up the garage air compressor and started fooling with the deflators.   Don't bother doing this if you have to feed money into a gas-station compressor - it took me more tries that I can recall to get the deflators where I wanted them - find a free source of air before you get started.  And don't block traffic...

I am not complaining - I am detail conscious, so I was going for precision:  Check starting pressure of tire - 30psi.  OK, screw on deflator and air down - ooops, it went too far.  Recalibrate, Air up - check and adjust the pressure.  Air Down - Ooops it didn't go far enough.  Air Up, recalibrate,  Air down... well you get the idea.

The supplied tire pressure gauge is calibrated in one pound increments, making this process fairly accurate.  I am pleased that this gauge appears to be reading the same as my other gauge which works for pressures higher than 20 pounds.  This way I can cross check, and of course, get the right pressure for driving on pavement.

On maybe the third cycle, I homed-in on the setting. They were all about the same (number of threads showing on the adjuster screw) but the fourth one just keep going to the same setting (too far down). Finally I cranked it all the way closed and it came to within a 1/2 pound of my desired setting.

Oasis OFF ROAD MFG automatic tire deflator



Time to Air Down and Disconnect - Click to Enlarge

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