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Jeep - As delivered November 2000 Jeep 3/18/06 at Beaver Hole - Click to Enlarge
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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD! - Click here for details!

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!


When I first bought my Jeep, I knew there were hundreds of things I could do to it to improve its performance.  I saw that people often make changes several times before they get it "right".   It seemed clear that I wanted to avoid doing the more expensive modifications until I was sure I knew what I wanted, and knew what solutions best met my needs.  This is a list of nearly everything I did with my Jeep, starting from the purchase.


I saved the best and most expensive changes for last.  My feeling was that it would take me some time to find out what the Jeep was capable of doing, and to decide which products if any would offer meaningful improvements.  Since some of the things I did affected my needs, I feel that I was fortunate to save some changes for later. 


I should mention that I didn't do anything for the sole purpose of appearance.  My modifications were done strictly to enhance off-road performance and convenience.  I made every attempt to perform these modifications with aesthetics in mind, but function was the primary goal.   I strove to preserve good road manners and with this constraint have not made significant modifications (beyond that necessary for weight reasons) to the drive train and suspension.  Eventually I did opt to install Detroit lockers which did compromise road handling somewhat, but to the great benefit of my off-road activities.  At the same time I installed heavier axles and 4.56 gears, for a better crawl ratio and better performance with larger tires.


Many of the things I did could be done at any time based on individual needs and preferences.  Budget can be a significant factor in vehicle modifications since some things are quite expensive.   This page documents my experience.  The individual sections characterize the reasons for the modification, how to do it, and impressions about the success.


Some of the modifications I made are very small, but add to the spectrum of information available to me and my passengers.  I felt it was important to have as much knowledge of my surroundings as possible.  If my budget allowed, I would probably add a Police/Fire scanner, Satellite communication, and even a dedicated on-board computer.  But there are practical limits, not to mention budgetary reality.


While anyone with a Jeep will tell you that it is never "done", I feel that I have reached a point with my Jeep where there is little in the way of major modification left to be done.  I may refine some of the changes, and make adjustments to meet changing needs, but the Jeep is largely configured the way it currently suits me.  Beyond that....?


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November, 2000
  1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport Jeep
  Maps Navigational Aids
  Compass Compass
  Hand-held Spotlight  
December, 2000
  Garvin Wilderness Expedition Roof Rack Garvin Wilderness Rack
  Garvin Cargo Net  
  Contico Storage Trunks Cargo Cases
January, 2001
  Skid Row Engine Skid Plate Engine Skid Plate
  Skid Row Control Arm Skid Plates Control Arm Skid Plates
  Tomken Steering Box Skid Plate Steering Box Skid Plate
  Tomken Gas Tank Skid Plate Gas Tank Skid Plate
February, 2001
  Hi-Lift 60" Jack Hi-Lift 60 Inch Jack
  Hi-Lift Jack Protector Jack Protector
  Hi-Lift 4X RAC 4XRAC
  Hi-Lift Off-Road Base Hi-Lift Jack Off-road Base
  Hi-Lift Winch Kit Off-road Kit
  Hi-Lift Rebuild Kit Hi-Lift Jack Fix-it Kit
March, 2001
  Contico Truck Tool Boxes Contico Truck Tool Box Roof Rack installation
  Front Tow Hooks MoPar Front Tow Hooks
  Rear Tow Hooks Rear Tow Hook
  First Aid Kit Emergency Supplies
  Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher
  Tow Strap Tow Strap and D-Rings
April, 2001
May, 2001
  Hand-held CB
  Most lasting Number Plate Frame and Covers  
  Pirelli Scorpion A/T Tires (First tire change - see latest here) Tires
  Interdynamics Truck Air Compressor Interdynamics Truck Air Model HD-275 Compressor
June, 2001
  Water Cooler Igloo Cooler with tie-down
  Cobra CB Cobra 75 WX ST
  Wilson Antenna  
  CB Remote Speaker Auxillary CB Speaker
  CB Antenna Tube Antenna Storage Tube
  Garmin GPS 12 Garmin GPS12
  Department of Natural Resources Sticker DNR Sticker
July, 2001
  Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Dash Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
  Fix-a-Flat Fix-A-Flat Storage
  American Flag Jeep with Flag
  Land Rover Recovery Team Sticker Land Rover Recovery Team
August, 2001
  OBX Sticker OBX
September, 2001
October, 2001
November, 2001
  Sun Company Lev-O-Gage Lev-O-Gage
  J.K.S. "Quicker" Disconnects JKS "Quicker" Disconnects
December, 2001
  Jack Guard case Jackguard on Wilderness Expedition Roof Rack
January, 2002
  On-board Air Tank and Plumbing Viair 2.5 Gallon Air Tank
February, 2002
  Sun Performance Heavy Duty Rocker Protection Sun Performance Heavy Duty Rocker Protection
  Old Man EMU Heavy Duty Coils Old Man EMU Springs
March, 2002
  Gas Tank Skid Plate Maintenance & Improvements Revised and Refinished Gas Tank Skid Plate Installed
April, 2002
  Hard Top Hoist Hard Top Hoist
  Bow Saw Bow Saw
  Stainless Steel Antenna Spring Stainless Steel Antenna Spring
  Major Service - Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case and Differential oils  
  driving light covers KC Light Cover
May 2002
  Major Service - Brakes, Belts, Radiator Fluid, Tire Rotation Bad Rotor with Grooves
  Black Soft Top Black Soft Top
  CPR and First Aid Training Emergency Supplies
June 2002
  Interior Shots (record of prior accessory additions Interior
  Dixon Billet Mirror Adapters Drivers Side
July 2002
  InterCo TrXuS M/T Steel Belted Radial Tires Stuffed almost to bump stop
  Tomken Spare Tire Relocation Bracket tmh-0102-st_48.gif (1991 bytes)
  Warn x8000i Winch WARN x8000i
August 2002
  Winch-mounted Number Plate Holder Winch-mounted Numberplate Holder
  Remote Throttle Control Throttle Knob on dash
August 2002
  Edelbrock IAS Shocks Edelbrock IAS
October 2002
  Detroit Lockers, Superior Axles and Gears Super 35 and Detroit NoSlip
November 2002
  Painted Hard Top Prior to Seasonal Installation Painted Hard Top 11/9/02
  Hood Bumpers Hood Bumpers from the front
  Factory Exhaust Manifold  
  Optima Red Top Battery Optima Red Top
December 2002
  Oasis OFF ROAD MFG automatic tire deflator
February 2003
  Hands-Free Cell Phone Hands-Free Speaker Phone
March 2003
  Sailcloth Soft Top Rear
April 2003
  Transfer Case Skid Plate replacement (Maintenance) Transfer Case Skid Plate Swap
  Sony MVCCD400 CD Mavica Sony CD400 Mavica
July 2003
  Insect Repellers Bug Repellant
  Rear Bumper Rear Bumper
  Bike Rack Detail of Hitch Adapter and pins
September 2003
  Gas Can Rack Rear
October 2003
  InterCo TrXuS M/T Steel Belted Radial Tires (Second Set) Stuffed almost to bump stop
  Bar Pin Eliminator J.K.S. Bar Pin Eliminators
November 2003
  OBDII Code Reader cp9135b.jpg (3509 bytes)
December 2003
  Brake Service II Shoe retainer
  Stereo Pioneer DEH-P77DH
Infinity Reference Series 505 CS
February 2004
  Accessory Drive Idler Pulleys and Belt Idler Pulley
  Radiator Rebuilt Radiator
  Brakes Shoe retainer
  Rear Axle Housing, Ring & Pinion, Axle Shaft, Bearings and Seals Bad Bearing in front
Good Axle Shaft

Putting new housing up
  Oil Pressure Sending Unit Oil Pressure Sending Unit
March 2004
  front axle u-joints U-Joints - The Problem is...
  soft top disconnects Softtop Disconnects
  spare tire lug nuts Spare Tire with five lug nuts
  hard top stored, soft top installed Soft Top Installed
  Hinge Pin Modification to allow door removal with Roof Rack Hinge Pin Shaving for easy Door removal with Roof Rack
  Mirror arm repaint Painted
  Fender Flare refinishing Driver's Side
April 2004
  Subwoofer Infinity Basslink
  Tie-Down loops Shackle in hardtop holes on sides of tub
May 2004
  Mapping GPS GPS V
June 2004
  GPS External Antenna Gilsson Amplified GPS BNC Remote Antenna
  Oil and Filter, Spark Plugs, Cap, Rotor, wires Wire Routing
  Brake Wheel Cylinder Brake Adjustment
July 2004
  Dome Light Circuit Shut-off Basic Circuit
  Gas Filler Door Billet Aluminum Gas Filler Door
  Headlight Trim painted black Headlight Doors Painted Black
September 2004
  accelerator cable Accelerator Cable
  valve stem Valve Stem - Click to Enlarge
  tires TrXuS Mud Terrain
October 2004
  crash repair Damage to Number Plate and Holder
November 2004
  WARN 9.5ti WARN 9.5ti Winch
  Garvin Wilderness Front Bumper Garvin Wilderness Front Bumper
  Rubicon Fender Flares Rubicon Flares
December 2004
  engine Mitch installing some new Iron!
  starter Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter
  rear u-joints Spicer U-Joint
January 2005
  number plate 4X4 ICON Returns!
Front Number Plate
  front wheel bearing/hub Old (Left) and New (Right) Hubs
  trailer wiring harness Wiring Harness
February 2005
  driving lights KC Daylighters
  driving lights warning system Driving Lights Warning System
April 2005
  Mean Green 200 Amp Alternator Mean Green 200 Amp Alternator
August 2005
  Nylint 1:6 Scale RC Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rock Crawler Stacking
  Tires Stuffed almost to bump stop
October 2005
  Repair and Restore Roof Rack Kids and Jeep - Restore Rack
November 2005
  Sun Performance Light Guards Headlight and Turn Signal/Indicator Guards
  winch maintenance Winch Lubrication
  hard top install Hard Top Installed!
December 2005
  KC Off Road 6" Light Rock Shields (7203) Stone Guards
February 2006
  lights, guards, (restoration) Turn Signal/Indicator Guards
  U-Joints Spicer U-Joint
April 2006
  Soft Top Install Following Soft Top Install and Black Satin Paint Touch-ups
May 2006
  wiper motor Wiper Motor R&R
  diamond plate half doors Warrior Products Door
June 2006
  Chrome Won't Get You Home! Chrome Won't Get You Home!
  Storage on Half Doors Door Storage
  Headlight Replacement and Trim Repainting Package
August 2006
  axle, rear Dana-44, Teraflex Disc Brakes Dana 44 Housing ShapeTeraflex Disc Brake Kit for Jeep
September 2006
  Interco TrXuS M/T 31x10.50x15 tires TrXuS Mud Terrain
October 2006
  GPS Data Storage PalmOne M100
November 2006
  RAM Mount (for Palm m100) RAM-HOL-PD3U
  Heavy Duty Rear Bumper Frame Tie-in Mounting Bracket Heavy Duty Rear Bumper Frame Tie In Mounting Bracket
December 2006
  Hands-Free Cell Phone System II Bluetooth Handsfree Controls
May 2007
  Bestop Strapless Bikini Top Bikini Top and Header Channel
June 2007
  Garmin GPSMap 76 CSx MapGPS 76CSx
  McGard Lug Nuts McGard 64010 Bulge 1/2-20 x 3/4
  receiver aux input adapter Pioneer CD RB10 IP-Bus input adapter 6/8/07
  XM Radio Satellite Receiver Delphi Roady XT Car Kit
  rust treatment POR-15 Rust Treatment
  Hi-LIft Maintenance Hi-Lift Jack logo
  Add-a-Trunk Maintenance Well Nut replacement
  GPS Antenna and mount GPSMap 76 CSx Antenna and Mount
  steering box Napa Power Steering Box 277601 (bottom)
  KC Daylighters (Painted black) Driving Light
  winch and winch plate 9.5ti Repair
  steering skid plate repaint Steering Box Skid Plate
  stickers, "4 Wheel Drive" 4 Wheel Drive sticker
July 2007
  winch cover PN 74901 Neoprene Winch Cover for WARN 9.5ti
  WILLYS Lettering Driver Side Hood Detail
  front and rear drive shaft u-joints double cardan joint rebuilt with new centering yoke and centering ball
August 2007
  axle tube seals Super Axle Seals Quadratec Part 52420.900
  front wheel bearing/hub Old (Left) and New (Right) Hubs
  fire extinguisher holder EK Motorsports Fire Extinguisher Holder
October 2007
  FRS/GMRS Radios Cobra PR 3850 WX
February 2008
  Ball Joints Lower Ball Joint - Side View
May 2008
  Tires New Tires, Wheel Touch-Up
October 2008
  iPod Install Update

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD! - Click here for details!

4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!

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