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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!

After several trips to the tire shop for my free rotate and balance, the aggressive use of an impact wrench (despite a torx stick being used...) two of the lug nuts had been ruined - the cap that is apparently soldered on to cover the open end of the nut cracked off, leaving two ugly lug nuts that were still functional, but did not look nice.  When my Jeep was in for some more significant attention, Jeff generously gave me a handful of lug nuts which I was grateful to have to replace the bad ones.  I installed two of the nuts on the spare and the improvement was worthwhile.  I also picked up a center cap to replace the one that got lost along the way.

Wheel Center Cap 5DY0 7TAE

CAP, Wheel Center 5DY0 7TAE


Somewhere I saw the idea of putting a couple lug nuts in the empty holes in the wheel on the spare.  It appealed to my sense of order and symmetry so when I was completely burned out from required repairs and had no money (or Willys Points) left for gratuitous mods, I grabbed the two remaining spare lug nuts I got from Jeff during my axle debacle and headed out to Home Depot.

It was utter chaos.  My first mistake was in thinking I could expect Ted and Tom to behave long enough for me to find two- 1/2" x 20 (fine thread) bolts that would do the job.  My second mistake was in thinking Home Depot had wheel studs or even more mundane, fine-thread standard bolts.   I was wrong on both counts:  The kids went wild with boredom while I pawed the hardware bins, and in the end I did not find the bolts.

We drove across the parking lot to Pep Boys, the store that should have been my first choice, and soon found what I was looking for.  I grabbed a couple lock washers in the correct size, a couple nuts to take up the length of the bolts (they didn't have short ones) and, after parting with $5 and change, I went out to the parking lot.

Lug Nuts, bolts and lock washers

There we were greeted by some teen-age boys who were admiring the Jeep.  One said to me "Your Jeep is 'Pimpin', man!" with the prerequise twisted wrist and downward-stabbing hand motion to the side.  I knew what he meant, but had to work hard in my head to keep from being insulted that someone thought my steel-armored, ruggedly utilitarian Jeep was "Pimpin' ".  I have turned into my father...

I thanked the boys in the parking lot, and set about installing my high-dollar modification in the parking lot.  It was an easy 5 minute modification.

Now all that stands between me, my Jeep and some Feng Shui is those 7 ounces of wheel weight!  I took a couple pictures to show just how pimpin' my ride be:

Before - Click to EnlargeAfter - Click to Enlarge
Spare Tire with five lug nutsSpare Tire with five lug nutsSpare Tire with five lug nutsSpare Tire with five lug nutsSpare Tire with five lug nuts
WHEEL, Aluminum, 15x7 Aluminum (WJ1) (5DR1 9TAE)

WHEEL, Aluminum, 15x7 Aluminum (WJ1) (5DR1 9TAE)


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