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Note:  These instructions are useful but I have since integrated my XM receiver into my aftermarket head unit and removed this unit from the car - this is for historical reference. 

I had learned with the Jeep the value of hard-mounting ancillary devices.  My phone, XM Radio, and GPS in the Crossfire were all loose and annoying.  The vent-mounted XM-Radio was a temporary solution.  The GPS Map 76CSx was being stored in a cheap cup holder.  And the phone was being hung off that.  Not a fitting solution to a car that deserved something better.  Not to mention that none of the devices were easy to handle, and often loose and insecure.

So I hit the road and found to my disappointment that places like Best Buy, Circuit City, and Radio Shack still haven't developed a very good selection of mounting hardware for these devices.  With the great proliferation of iPods, cell phones and even GPSr's, I had expected to find lots of choices.  The closest I got to a bracket in any of these places was the security brace for the in-store display at Best Buy.  How ironic that something that I could use was not even for sale!

But I had already found what I needed online.  I was trying my best to patronize local shops.  Defeated, I returned home and cranked up my web browser for one last time, and ordered the following:

  • Panavise INDASH Mount 75104-804 (for the Crossfire)

  • Panavise 5" Aluminum Extension Bracket 767-AL05

  • RAM Mount for Garmin GPSMap 76CSx RAM-HOL-GA14U

  • Bracketron Ultra-Slim Swivel PHS-203

These came with plenty of hardware.

The day the packages from two separate vendors arrived was one of those days when the planets aligned perfectly.  I had already confirmed using the FedEx tracking numbers that the two packages would arrive the same day.  Maria had said the FedEx delivery is usually in the late afternoon.  All I needed to install the parts were a screw driver and a plyers.

Soon the FedEx truck arrived, one package short.  But all was not lost - the driver told me another FedEx truck that did home deliveries would be along, and sure enough, within minutes the other truck had arrived with package number two.  I had already assembled package number 1.

InDash Mount

This piece forms the basis for the rest of the assembly.  It is custom-made for the Crossfire.

InDash Mount 751-04-804 for Crossfire 2004-2005, Crossfire Roadster 2005

Panavise 75104-804 INDASH Mount for Crossfire

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Step 01

Open glove box door. With Phillips screwdriver remove the (6) screws that hold the glove box in place. (4) along top of the glove box, and (2) along the left side of the glove box.

Step 02

Pull out on the glove box just enough to slide the InDash by PanaVise Mount into place with the hole aligned with the upper most screw at the left side of the glove box.

Step 03

Reinstall the glove box and screws.

That was easy.

Panavise INDASH Bracket Install details

Panavise INDASH Bracket Install details

Panavise INDASH Bracket Install details


Extension Bracket

As designed, the bracket is wide enough for one device and has holes for standard AMP fittings.  In order to put two devices on it, I ordered an extension bracket that gives room enough for two devices and bolts to the bracket in the standard holes.

The extension bracket allows you to shift your device 1-1/2 AMPS pattern (3) up, down, right or left. Makes it possible to mount 2 devices side by side Includes cover plate with studs and nuts for a quick, clean install.


5 Adjustable Mounting Bracket, Aluminum, black PV-767-AL05

Panavise 767-AL05 5 Inch Aluminum Extension Bracket

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Even easier...

Swivel Mounts

After installing the bracket behind the lip of the glove box, and figuring out where to mount the extension bracket, I installed swivel mounts to set off the devices from the bracketry.  I placed the extension bracket so that it was flush with the left of the bracket mounted to the lip of the glove box and then bolted the swivel mounts through the extension bracket and to the main bracket.  I put the second swivel mount on the right-most end of the extension bracket so that the two devices would have enough room between them.

I oriented the swivels so that both devices were angled toward the driver's seat.

The Ultra Slim Swivel is a compact low profile design to provide adjustability to devices such as XM and Sirius Satellite Radio Receivers, GPS monitors or Mobile Phones. The Ultra Slim Swivel allows you to angle your device for better viewing. The swivel is designed to tilt approx 15 in all directions and swivels 360 for maximum adjustability.

The Ultra Slim Swivel comes with complete full color instructions and examples of various mounting options. The Swivel is pre-assembled and pre-torqued for ease of installation and use.  Manufactured by Bracketron

Bracketron Ultra Slim Swivel PHS-203,Bracketron Ultra Slim Swivel PHS-203

XM Radio Mount

Next I assembled the XM Radio mount to the right swivel mount using ny-lock nuts  This places the bulk of weight from the two units (primarily the GPS) directly over the main bracket so that vibration is kept to a minimum and so the passenger space is not intruded upon.

GPS V, GPSMap 76CSx, XM Radio (Roady XT)

GPS Mount

Then I ran into a minor detail.  The holes on the RAM mount didn't align with the holes on the bracket mount.  I took a drill and put four new holes in the mount and bolted it to the Ultra-Slim swivel and then to the bracket.  Like cutting butter with a hot knife...


RAM Mount for Garmin GPSMap 76CSx RAM-HOL-GA14U,RAM Mount for Garmin GPSMap 76CSx RAM-HOL-GA14U

RAM Mounts Logo Color,RAM Mounts Logo Color

The RAM High Strength Plastic Cradle is designed to hold the following GPS units,
Garmin GPSMAP 76C
Garmin GPSMAP 76CS
Garmin GPSMAP 76Cx
Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx
Garmin GPSMAP 96
Garmin GPSMAP 96C

All cables can stay connected to the unit while in the RAM cradle.


Place the top of the GPS into the cradle, and then push the base into the expandable 'arms' at the bottom of the cradle. The 'arms' will snap into place when the GPS is completely in the cradle.


The cradle includes a set of two nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any of the RAM compatible mounts.

Final Details

The only thing left was to re-attach the power leads and antenna leads and everything was installed.  The wires duck into the glove box and come out behind the dash and down to a collecting point next to the transmission tunnel on the passenger side.

The total time for the install was about 15 minutes.  It took longer for me to order them!

GPS V, GPSMap 76CSx, XM Radio (Roady XT)

GPS V, GPSMap 76CSx, XM Radio (Roady XT)



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