2004 Chrysler Crossfire

High Front View

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Pioneer GEX-P920XM Pioneer GEX-P10HD HD Digital Tuner Pioneer CD-UB100 USB Adapter Pioneer ND-BC2 Rear-View Camera
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Finished caps on Crossfire Pioneer Premier DEH-980BT Front Right View Motor Max Chrysler Crossfires (Toys 'R Us) 1/43
Chrysler Crossfire Touring Gear - Loaded In the Car AVD-W6210 6 inch Detachable Touch Panel Widescreen LCD Color Display Beltronics STi Driver Passenger Side


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4X4 ICON 2000 - 2008 The DVD!


Crossfire Maintenance and Modification


Several months after purchasing the Commander, I spied a nearly-new car sitting in the used lot at the dealer.  I watched it all summer, just sitting there with 5000 miles on it and looking nearly new.  Finally, I stopped to check it out and found that it was well within my means.  I called Maria and picked it up that evening after trading in the Cherokee!

The reasoning was at least partly based on practical concerns.  Although this may sound like a stretch, the fact was, I was taking the Commander every time I drove to DC in good weather because it really made the 400-mile round trip and time in town so much easier.  But two things were problems.  First, it left Maria driving the Cherokee.  Secondly, it was sucking down a gallon of fuel every 12 miles.  That left little of the mileage reimbursement to take care of maintenance. 

On the sheer fun side, the car was a bargain and would provide a more interesting road trip, and for local back and forth to work gives nearly triple the mileage of the Wrangler.  Of course in bad weather I will have to go back to the Jeep but even with another car, that would be my preference.  Bad weather is a different kind of fun with vehicles for me!

Driver's Side View
Passenger Side ViewDriver's Office View

Once I got the car I found a few small things that needed attention.  The low beam on the driver's side was poorly aimed and turned out to be un-adjustable.  The dealer is to replace the whole lighting unit.

Rear View
Boot ViewTail ViewHigh Rear View

The stereo amp was randomly failing leaving me with no tunes.  I drove round-trip to Massachusetts (11 hours each way) with a couple hours of music on the way there and nothing on the way back.  Talk about deprivation.  It was all I could do not to resort to acceleration and speed for entertainment...

Front Right View

Nose ViewOverhead Front View
Low Front View

The car is incredible, both in terms of looks and performance.  It's not going to go 4-Wheeling of course, but it's great on a nice stretch of twisty road!

Side View
Overhead Side ViewLow Rear View

Low Rear View
Tight Window View

One universal gripe that I share regards the incredibly useless cup holder that lies on the space between the stick shift and my shoulder.  There is no way it could ever be used for a cup holder unless the car is parked and you don't mind leaving your arm crushed against your side to keep it out of the way of the cup holder.  Maybe I will conceal an ejector seat button under it or something...

Factory Shot


Crossfire Maintenance and Modification


Temporary XM Radio and GPS V Install

I installed the GPS V on the dash with semi-permanent double-sided tape, and the XM-Radio from the Cherokee temporarily on the dash.  This turned out to be very temporary...

Driver's Side View

Chrysler Crossfire Factory Radio Manual (Becker 6806 or CD23)

Crossfire Maintenance and Modification




I have found a number of toys depicting the Chrysler Crossfire.  This is just one of many!

2004 Chrysler Crossfire (Toys)

Ricko Chrysler Crossfire 1/86 (HO)

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Ad Shot - Chrysler Crossfire CD Stereo with AM/FM Tuner & Alarm Clock

Crossfire Maintenance and Modification

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