Fairchance Three:

Polly Takes the Plunge
Scattered Remains
Catch Twenty-Two

View of White Rocks, near Polly Takes the Plunge - Click to Enlarge


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On November 20, 2005, we visited White Rock Hollow to search and find Polly Takes the Plunge.  On July 9, 2006 we visited the area again, this time to track down Scattered Remains.  That left Cache Twenty-Two to find.  When we had come out on our two prior trips, we didn't have time for it. So it was time to go find out the mystery behind this cache.

There have been lots of interesting comments about this area, and the geocaching is fun, but I particularly like the terrain, natural features, and the curious nature of the trails that honeycomb this area.  Most are ATV trails and are not passable with a Jeep.  But the trail up to Cache Twenty-Two looked pretty good when we went last time so I was looking forward to it.  I knew there was some bushwhacking and some low briars to ward off, but it didn't matter.

Mike accompanied me on when we went out here in November 2005 and suggested we visit it again, so I set some time aside and got ready to go.


Mike showed up while I was putting data into the GPS - maps, waypoints, tracks from the two previous visits and some routes.  I have elected not to post the usual topo map because of the sensitivity of the location.  If you want to go there, use your Geocaching skills and you will do just fine.


We dropped into the woods at the same spot I have used in the past and threaded our way up the trail.  When we got to what I like to think of as the crossroads, we headed first to Scattered Remains.

Scattered Remains

Not surprisingly, it was much as we had left it after our last visit, and indeed, even some of the swag that was in the cache was still there.  Mike soon found the cache without my help and logged his find. 

ScoutingWV at Scattered RemainsScoutingWV at Scattered Remains

Robert's Personal GeoCoin - Click to EnlargeRobert's Personal GeoCoin - Click to Enlarge

We wandered around the site mindful of the ruins.  Both of us made photographs of some of the curious remains.

Scattered RemainsScattered RemainsScattered RemainsScattered RemainsScattered Remains

Insulator at Scattered Remains

Scattered Remains

Scattered RemainsScattered RemainsScattered Remains

Fall Approaches at Scattered Remains

Scattered RemainsScattered RemainsScattered RemainsScattered Remains

Mushrooms in White Rock Hollow - Click to EnlargeMushroom in White Rock Hollow - Click to Enlarge

My phone rang with news of my plans for camping with my kids for the weekend so I took the call with a sketchy signal...

Paul trying to hold a Cell Phone Signal

The Fun Begins...

When I had finished making plans for the rest of the weekend, we headed up the trail back to the crossroads and then onward toward the other two caches.  As we drove along we came to spot where the road was muddy and many had gone around the mud.  A tree lay between the two paths.  I stuck to the trail and as I passed the falled tree, a branch rubbed my sidewall and tore a four-inch hole...  Inside the Jeep Mike and I heard the "PSSSST!".  I stopped right away thinking optimistically that I had popped a bead.  Au Contraire, Mon Frere!  This was a full-blown, never-to-be-repaired, flat...And a brand new tire!

Poof! - Click to Enlarge
Poof!Time for a Change...

That kept us busy for about 40 minutes.  First the jack sunk into the mud so I cranked four stones under the jack one at a time until we hit some solid ground.  Then I fished up my tool box because the lug nuts I replaced the crappy factory ones with are larger than my lug wrench.  Then I fished out my wheel lock key.  You know, just the usual stuff when you're having fun with tires... (5/30/07 Update:  I replaced all the lug nuts with high-quality lug nuts that match my lug wrench!)

While we were making the swap, Mike noticed a walking stick bug and made a photograph of it.

Walking Stick - Click to Enlarge

With the tires swapped I stopped to ponder options.  The spare was in good shape though it did have a plug in it.  In the several months in had been on the spare holder, it had not leaked but had also never been used.  I checked the plug and shaved some of the protruding portion off so that it would be below the level of the lugs on the tire.  But I needed to decide if I wanted to continue without a spare...

I reasoned in that "get-there-itis" way that this was flat tire number two in five years of wheeling.  The other had been similar in the way it happened and had a similar outcome - I just put the spare on.  The time I popped a bead I had been fortunate that Jim had his power tank along and we just put a cinch strap around the tire and reseated and inflated it.  I figured the worst that could happen was that we'd be walking out to go get a tire if we got another flat.  That wasn't a pleasant thought, but I didn't think there was much to worry about.  And barring a catastrophic failure like this, I had my air source and a plug kit if we got a basic flat.

So we proceeded up the trail with a little more attention to the surface.  We reached White Rocks and continued on toward Cache Twenty-Two.  Along the way we stopped to follow the trail straight up the hill.  We sawed up a fallen cherry tree that was blocking the way.  At the end, it reconnected with another trail above leaving us about 3-tenths of a mile from Cache Twenty-Two.

Stopped on the way to Cache Twenty-Two - Click to Enlarge

I was ready to get out and walk up the hill to the cache but Mike pointed out we could probably follow one of the trail branches around the contour of the hill and get closer.  So we did, leaving us about one and a half-tenths of a mile from the cache.  It's all good.


Cache Twenty-Two

I parked the Jeep and we walked down the hill through the briars.  I made a bee-line and pretty soon I reached the cache.  Since the owner of the cache asked to keep the location and what's located there quiet, I cannot post the pictures.  It's an interesting place.  Here's a shot of Mike nearby.

Mike near Cache Twenty-Two

We stopped for a while to each lunch and talk.  Then we walked back up the hill, back through the briars, and sight-for-sore- eyes, reached the Jeep.  From there I backtracked to White Rocks where we stopped to see how the cache was.


Polly Takes the Plunge

We had used up most of the time for the afternoon so we made a quick stop at Polly Takes the Plunge. 

View of White Rocks, near Polly Takes the Plunge - Click to Enlarge

I had wanted to go check out the second stage again (or is it the first stage?) but instead we just checked the cache.  Inside was a disposable camera that was used up so I sent the cache owner a message asking if we could get it processed and returned to him to be posted.  Not hearing from him, I decided it was probably OK, so I took it.  Mike and I signed the log.

PtP Log update - Click to Enlarge

PtP Log updatePtP Log update

It was all downhill from here.  That is to say we followed the trail down and out to pavement.  Once there we drove down 857 a ways and made a pit stop for air and snacks.  Then the rest of the way to my house where Mike continued with his day.  Overall, tire fun notwithstanding, we had a great day on the trail!


That would be the beginning of a busy weekend for me.  Later that evening I took the kids to Camp Mountaineer where we stayed over-night amid a drenching thunderstorm at 2:00AM (we stayed bone dry in our tent).  The next day the kids were treated to a series of activities that they enjoy.  I hung on for more rain (we were largely spared) and time to go home.

Tom shootingTed ShootingTom ShootingTed ShootingTom Shooting

Tom playing HorseshoesTom playing HorseshoesTom playing Horseshoes

Ted playing HorseshoesTed playing HorseshoesTed playing HorseshoesTed playing HorseshoesTed playing HorseshoesTed playing Horseshoes

Tom and Ted playing HorseshoesTom and Ted playing HorseshoesTed playing Horseshoes

Tom playing HorseshoesTom playing HorseshoesTom playing Horseshoes

Pack 44 and Pack 52 WebelosPack 44 and Pack 52 Webelos

Saturday afternoon we headed home and hit the hay hard.

Sunday we got up and in the afternoon, went and visited Shopper's Bonus where we found some cool stuff! 

Geocaching the Appalachian CoinGeocaching the Appalachian CoinGeocaching the Appalachian Coin
Geocaching the Appalachian Coin - Click to EnlargeGeocaching the Appalachian Coin - Click to Enlarge

Personal TokenPersonal Token

Green Jeep Travel Bug with buds!
Green Jeep Travel Bug

Maryland Geocaching Society CoinMaryland Geocaching Society Coin

Plastic apple with Silly Putty inside - Click to Enlarge
Plastic apple with Silly Putty inside


What a weekend!

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